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Pop Up/Stand Up: Artists Books and Social Justice

Colette Fu and Beth Thielen discuss their social activism with regard to their pop-up books

Poetry in the Park: Solar Eclipse

Live reading with poet Alesha Wise at the Arroyo Seco Regional Library

Mary Kelly's Concentric Pedagogy

A conversation with the artist and her former students on her renowned teaching methodology.

Behind the Scenes: Printmaking with Gemini G.E.L.

A participatory session on printmaking techniques at the acclaimed artists' workshop.

On Elegy: Dawoud Bey and LeRonn P. Brooks in Dialogue

The artist joins Getty curator Dr. LeRonn P. Brooks at Arcana for a book signing.

Screening: Robert Irwin: A Desert of Pure Feeling

Feature length documentary chronicling the life and times of internationally celebrated artist Robert Irwin (1928–2023), creator of the Central Garden that lies at the heart of the Getty Center.

Getty Graduate Symposium 2024

Art history graduate students from across California present their research at this annual event.

Intimate Addresses: Recording Artists Live

A live podcast recording on the lives of artists like Frida Kahlo and Marcel Duchamp, as told through their private letters.

Cocktails with a Curator: Optical Illusions

A talk on technology throughout art history, featuring rare archival materials and themed cocktails.


Music & Design: Mid-Century Venezuela

Live jazz performance followed by a conversation on Venezuelan intellectual Alfredo Boulton's use of mid-century decor.

Going Viral in the Renaissance featuring Stephanie Porras

Stephanie Porras, professor of art history at Tulane University, delivers this year's annual Gaehtgens Lecture.

Site & Sounds: The Florentine Codex at the Getty Center

Musician Lu Coy and others perform music inspired by the Florentine Codex and Nahua culture.

Indigenous Voices of Mexico in the Digital Age / Voces Indígenas de México en la Era Digital

Celebrating the launch of the Digital Florentine Codex and digital humanities projects on Indigenous languages of Mexico

LA Activism: The Institute of Cultural Inquiry's AIDS Chronicles (1994–2019)

In partnership with Circa: Queer Histories Festival, this discussion of activism in an LA artist's space features artist Antoinette LaFarge, curator Deborah Cullen-Morales, and Getty Research Institute curator Pietro

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day

In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day, Getty hosts its second annual family event to learn about Southern California's vibrant Native American cultures.

Araya: Film Screening and Conversation

A 1959 Venezuelan documentary followed by a discussion between curators J. Raúl Guzmán and Idurre Alonso.

Happy Birthday, Barbara!

Friends honor artist Barbara T. Smith with stories, films, and memories for her 92nd birthday and publication of her memoir.

Xerox Art Making Workshop

Artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed teaches how to use copy machines, collage, and color to express yourself in this drop-in class.

Unruly Bodies: Artist in Residence Felipe Baeza in Conversation with Laura Gutiérrez

The annual Artist-in-Residence talk features Brooklyn-based artist Felipe Baeza and Professor Laura Gutiérrez discussing their shared experiences as immigrants.

Women Artists Experiment with Xerox

A discussion about how women artists have experimented with photocopy in their artistic practices, exploring the work of artists Rita Keegan, Joan Lyons and Barbara T. Smith through the lens of gender, technology, memory and transformation.

Encounters in Video Art in Latin America

Film screening to celebrate a recent publication by the Getty Research Institute.

the sound of your voice is home: Yasmine Nasser Diaz in Conversation with Ikram Lakhdhar

A video screening and discussion of the artist's multimedia installation that addresses immigration, diaspora, nostalgia, and rituals of communication.

Getty Graduate Symposium 2023

Emerging art history scholars from universities across California present their research.

Cocktails with a Curator: Mystical Symbols

Getty Research Institute curator David Brafman unveils rare material from Special Collections and shares secrets to decoding esoteric symbolism in art history.

Artist-led Tour: Beatriz Cortez & rafa esparza

Artists Beatriz Cortez and rafa esparza lead a walk-through of the exhibition Reinventing the Américas: Construct. Erase. Repeat.


The Secrets We Keep featuring Roland Betancourt

Roland Betancourt gives the 2022 Gaehtgens Lecture on the visual transmission of secret knowledge in the Byzantine Empire.

Códice Maya de México: Discovery and Authenticity of the Oldest Maya Codex

A symposium hosted by Cal State LA on the oldest surviving Mesoamerican book.

Authenticating the Códice Maya de México

Professor Gerardo Gutiérrez discusses the authenticity of the oldest surviving book from the Americas.

The Multiple Reinventions of the Américas in Context

A symposium on how Europeans constructed ideas of the American continents from 1492 through the 1800s.

Fire Szn

Artist Francesca Gabbiani and curator Catherine Taft discuss ecofeminism.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day

Scholars and artists discuss how the making of art and archives can transform the social and political production of urban space.

Imaginaries of LA: Michelle Caswell, Laura Pulido, and Kandis Williams

Scholars and artists discuss how the making of art and archives can transform the social and political production of urban space.

The Polykleitos Problem: Illusions of the Ideal in European Anatomical Images

This talk explores some of the problems confronting early modern anatomists as they tried to define and grasp the human body.

Transpacific Engagements: Trade, Translation, and Visual Culture of Entangled Empires (1565–1898)

Scholars discuss trade routes between Asia and the Americas.

Gala Porras-Kim: Artist Talk

Artist Gala Porras-Kim discusses how her work explores the afterlives of museum objects.

Tricks of the Trade: Duveen Brothers and the Market for the Decorative Arts, 1880–1940

Charlotte Vignon discusses Duveen Brothers and the Market for Decorative Arts, 1880–1940.

Collecting Mesoamerican Art, 1940–1968: Forging a Market in the United States and Mexico

The symposium focuses on collecting practices, when Hollywood luminaries and international collectors developed a taste for ancient Mexican art.

Suzanne Lacy: Between Feminism and Social Practice

Suzanne Lacy presents a brief historical review of her work as well as recent projects.

Dancers on Film: Maya Deren in Context

James Smalls and Kandis Williams discuss filmmaker Maya Deren.

The Archival Impulse in Contemporary Black Art

A conversation with Cherise Smith, Tiffany Barber and Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw.

The Body in Pieces: Fragments of the Human Form

Discussing the fragmentation of the body in art.

Ulysses Jenkins: History of a Video Griot

A discussion of the work of video artist Ulysses Jenkins.

Under the Skin: Drawing Anatomy

Learn to draw human anatomy.

The Sun King at Sea: A Conversation on Maritime Art and Galley Slavery

The portrayal of galley slaves in French art.

Getty Graduate Symposium 2022

The annual Getty Graduate Symposium showcases the work of emerging scholars from art history graduate programs across California.


Rainbow Power

Maria Loh gives the 2021 Gaehtgens Lecture on the history of the political significance of rainbows.

Monet Hates Me: Tacita Dean in Conversation with Anne Rana

Artist Tacita Dean finds the unexpected in our archives.

Meaningless Work, Get To Work: Fluxus Scores with Tashi Wada, Simone Forti, Phoebe Berglund Dance Troupe, and More

An afternoon of experimental art performances.

Xerography: Women Artists, 1965–1990

A symposium held at the Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris explores the art of Xeroxing.

The Poetics of Art and Intervention

Poets and writers discuss their interventions in art and culture.

Imaginaries of LA: Umar Rashid and Sandy Rodriguez

LA-based artists Umar Rashid and Sandy Rodriguez discuss interweaving histories and cartographies in their representations of the city.

Desert X 2021—The Film: Preview Screening at the Getty Center

Screening of film about the art exhibition Desert X 2021.

The Fragment Transformed

Three scholars share their work on the concept of the fragment in contemporary art.

Fluxus: What's Changed?

Scholars discuss new perspectives on Fluxus.

The Soul of a Nation Reader: Writings by and about Black American Artists, 1960–1980

Scholars discuss the anthology The Soul of a Nation Reader: Writings by and about Black American Artists, 1960–1980

Nahua Voices on the Conquest of Mexico: "De cómo los españoles conquistaron a la ciudad de México" Book 12, Florentine Codex

A live public reading of Book 12 of the Florentine Codex in Nahuatl, Spanish, and English, describing the conquest of Mexico in 1521

T.V. to See the Sky
Inspired by Yoko Ono's work SKY T.V.

A 24-hour video stream of the sky on the June solstice, inspired by Yoko Ono's Sky T.V.

Human Heritage: Preserving Palmyra, Petra, and Hatra

A conversation with archaeologists on the cultural heritage preservation challenges facing three sites in the Middle East.

Dancers on Film: Two by Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich

A filmmaker and a research specialist explore how experiments in filmmaking reimagine the archive of African American history.

A Black Gaze: Tina Campt and LeRonn Brooks in Conversation

A professor and a curator discuss the idea of a Black gaze in the work of Black contemporary artists.

Documenting Dissent: L.A. Artists' Protest Photography

A conversation between conservators and curators explores how photography is used to document contemporary and historical events of protest.

L.A. Graffiti Black Book: Artists in Conversation

Contributing artists to L.A. Graffiti Black Book discuss the volume's impact on their art practices.

Unfinished, Fraying: Processes of Exhibition Making

A conversation on how exhibitions continue to live on and evolve even after they have closed.

Hostile Terrain 94: Reflections on Immigration and Public-Facing Anthropology

Jason De León discusses the Undocumented Migration Project, which raises awareness of the plight of Latin American migrants to the US.

Imaginaries of LA: Guadalupe Rosales and Pilar Tompkins Rivas

An artist and curator discuss how the making of art and archives can transform the social and political production of urban space

The Arensbergs in Hollywood Discussion Series

Part 2: Hollywood Arensberg: Arriving at the House
A discussion of the new publication Hollywood Arensberg: Avant-Garde Collecting in Midcentury L.A.

The Black Index: Archiving Black Creativity and Resistance

A conversation about the role of libraries and archives in indexing Black creative thought and resistance.

Getty Graduate Symposium 2021

The annual Getty Graduate Symposium showcased the work of emerging scholars from art history graduate programs across California.

The Black Index: Artists in Conversation

Artists in conversation with scholars on the role of Black artistic practice in our current moment of political and social turmoil.


The Arensbergs in Hollywood Discussion Series

Part 1: The Arensbergs in Hollywood
A discussion of the new publication Hollywood Arensberg: Avant-Garde Collecting in Midcentury L.A.

Imaginaries of LA: Edgar Arceneaux and Julian Myers-Szupinska

A series of conversations between Los Angeles-based artists, urban historians, and curators explore the past, present, and future of the city.

Blackness Is in the Making: Materials of the 18th-Century Artist

This Thomas and Barbara Gaehtgens Lecture presents Anne Lafont in conversation with Lyneise Williams, sponsored by the Getty Research Institute Council.

Project 1521 and the Florentine Codex

Artists, writers, and scholars reflected on the continued relevance of the Indigenous knowledge found in the Florentine Codex, an encyclopedic manuscript of 16th century Mexico

Radical Archive: Preserving Protest Ephemera

A conversation between conservators and curators explored how protest ephemera becomes part of an institutionalized archive.

Dancers on Film: Okwui Okpokwasili & devynn emory

Artists Okwui Okpokwasili, devynn emory, and GRI research specialist Kristin Juarez explored experiments in dance-making and documentation.

Niños detenidos: LA Artists respond to the Policy of Family Separation

Director Malona P. Badelt, GRI senior research specialist Kim Richter, and artists rafa esparza, Gala Porras-Kim, and Sandy Rodriguez discussed creative responses to the policy of family separation.

Getty Graduate Symposium 2020

The second annual Getty Graduate Symposium showcased the work of emerging scholars from art history graduate programs across California.

Iconic Intelligence: How Käthe Kollwitz Made Pictures Talk

Art historian Annette Seeler examined the unique strategy of pictorial communication developed by the renowned early-20th-century printmaker, Käthe Kollwitz.


Why We Need Ruskin Now

In this lecture, Tim Barringer examined Victorian-era art critic John Ruskin's discourse on modernity and its relationship to art-historical thinking in the present day.

Collecting Mexican Art before 1940: A New World of American Antiquities

This symposium investigated the provenance of Mexican antiquities, the role of pre-Hispanic art in the history of the art market, and the formation of international collections and institutions.

"Good Pieces in Sight": The US Market in Mesoamerican Antiquities circa 1940

This lecture examined changes in the art market and the lives of art dealers Pierre Matisse and Earl Stendahl, who provided the foundations for many pre-Hispanic art collections in American museums today.

The Creative Impulse: Jae Jarrell and Sylvia Snowden in Conversation

Renowned artists Jae Jarrell and Sylvia Snowden gathered to discuss art making and the creative impulse.

Film Screening: The Burning Child

Journeying into the heart of Vienna, the filmmaker attempts to solve the riddle of his grandparents' disappearance during the Holocaust.

1519, the Arrival of Strangers: Indigenous Art and Voices following the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica

This three-day symposium highlighted the great cultural, historical, and artistic achievements of indigenous peoples of New Spain.

Bauhaus Looking Forward

As part of Bauhaus at the Getty, Los Angeles- and Berlin-based architects gathered at the A+D Museum to discuss how contemporary architects understand the legacy of the Bauhaus a century after its founding.

A Colorful Afternoon: Cornelia Funke's Adventures Through the Bauhaus

Children's author Cornelia Funke read her latest story of ghost William Dampier and his explorations through an artistic world of shapes, colors, and materials at the Bauhaus.

Citizen Lane

Set in Dublin in the early 20th century, this portrait of art collector Hugh Lane tells the story of the establishment of the first public modern art gallery.

Building an Online Exhibition

The Bauhaus: Building the New Artist user experience designer Ramon Tapales and content strategist and editor Andrew Kersey offered a behind-the-scenes look on Facebook Live, at the online exhibition and the objects that inspired it.

Photographs and Material Studies: A Closer Look at Bauhaus: Building the New Artist

Gary Fox presented an intimate look, on Facebook Live, at objects featured in this online exhibition as he considered the work of students who studied under the tutelage of the school's masters.

Bauhaus on Screen

Bauhaus on Screen presented a 90-minute program of black-and-white short films produced at the Bauhaus, followed by a lecture with filmmaker and writer Thomas Tode.

Antiquities in Motion: From Excavation Sites to Renaissance Collections

Art historian Barbara Furlotti reconstructed the long and often complicated journey of artworks from excavation sites to elite Renaissance collections.

Dance of Malaga

Chicago based artist Theaster Gates screened his film, Dance of Malaga, followed by a conversation with the Research Institute's deputy director, Andrew Perchuk.

Getty Scholar Year Symposium: MONUMENTALITY

This symposium addressed Monumentality—its role in nation building, the subversive potential of monument making, and the monumental in building and infrastructure.

A Tribute in Honor of Lyn Kienholz and John Mason

Friends, family, and colleagues gathered in celebration of the life and work of author and curator Lyn Kienholz and artist John Mason.

Monumentality and Cosmic Scale

Lucy Lippard joined artists Tacita Dean and Edward Ranney for a discussion about their own engagement with land art after film screenings of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970) and Charles and Ray Eames's Powers of 10 (1977).

Mary Schmidt Campbell: An American Odyssey

Mary Schmidt Campbell discussed An American Odyssey: The Life and Work of Romare Bearden, her biography of the renowned 20th-century African American artist.

Getty Graduate Symposium

The Getty Research Institute hosted the first annual Getty Graduate Symposium, showcasing the work of emerging scholars from art history graduate programs across California.


Signs of Life: Aspects of Global Performance in the 1970s

Kellie Jones discussed the global reaches of performance art during the 1970s through the lens of projects by Latin American and African American artists.

Craft in America: VISIONARIES

World premiere of "VISIONARIES," the newest episode from PBS's award-winning documentary series Craft in America.

LA Phil Fluxus Festival: Fluxus Learning Event

An illustrated talk, a performance, and a participatory workshop.

The Diderot Project: Transparency as Metaphor

Ken Botnick discussed his search for a contemporary visual metaphor to Diderot's 18th-century Encyclopédie and to the philosopher's broader call for transparency in society.

Current Perspectives on Books and Art with Johanna Drucker

Johanna Drucker discussed the future of books in contemporary culture and artists' essential role in their historical production.

Looking into the Camera: Amateur Films, Surveillance, and Video Art in Cold War Hungary

Excerpts from Peter Forgacs's Picturesque Epochs and from Gabor Body's Infermental 3 featured family movies and experimentations by underground artists.

A Conversation on Artists' Books: Barbara T. Smith and Andrea Bowers

Artists Barbara T. Smith and Andrea Bowers discuss the topic of artists' books as it relates to their individual practices.

Gyula Gazdag and Cold War Hungarian Cinema

Two seminal films by renowned Hungarian film director Gyula Gazdag feature this filmmaker's subtle satire of the regime that ruled Hungary at the time.

In Our Time: An Evening of Film with David Lamelas

World premiere of David Lamelas's film, In Our Time, featured a discussion with the artist.

Conversation: Carolee Schneemann on Her Art and Archive

One of the pioneers of 1960s feminist art, discussed the practical and aesthetic aspects of her archive, housed at the Getty Research Institute.

Provenance Research—A Personal Concern

In this conversation, prominent art historians and researchers examined reasons for tracing the history of an artwork's ownership.

After Concretism: Audiovisual Experiments in Brazil

This screening featured music, films, and videos produced by Brazilian artists exploring how audiovisual media served as an outlet for experimentation during the 1960s and 1970s.

Art Dealers, America and the International Art Market, 1880–1930

A symposium on the role of international art dealers in creating the collections, museums, and intellectual culture of the American art world.


Indigenous Knowledge and the Making of the Colonial Latin America

This symposium explored how indigenous knowledge of art, architecture, science, medicine, and governance shaped colonial Latin America.

Cornelia Funke's Journey through the Ancient Americas

Children's author Cornelia Funke read her latest story of ghost William Dampier and his encounters with spirits from the ancient Americas.

Khipu, Body, Line: A Writing in Space

Artist Cecilia Vicuña, a seminal figure in Latin American art and poetry, discussed her poetic and artistic exploration of indigenous forms of knowledge.

The Encounters, Utopias, and Experimentation: From Pre-Columbian Tenochtitlan to Contemporary Buenos Aires

This international symposium addressed artistic achievements, urban transformations, and cultural and social innovations.

The "Concrete" in Poetry and Art

Nancy Perloff and Zanna Gilbert discussed the international movement of concretism with particular emphasis on Brazil.

Masks and the Uncanny, in Africa and Beyond

Z. S. Strother explored concepts of masking and masquerading using African case studies.

Teaching and Writing the Art Histories of Latin American Los Angeles

This symposium explored knowledge generated by Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibitions and its impact on curricula, pedagogy, and future scholarship.

Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography

A three-week residential course offered an introduction to reading and transcription of handwritten Italian vernacular texts from the late medieval though the early modern periods.

In Conversation: Frank Gehry and Kurt Forster

Architect Frank Gehry and architectural historian Kurt W. Forster discussed parallels in the architecture of Berlin and Los Angeles.

Choreography of the City: Hans Scharoun's Philharmonie as a Landscape of the Mind

Architectural historian Kurt W. Forster discussed how the Berlin Philharmonic reconfigures the very notion of a concert hall.

The Birth of the Museum in Latin America

This symposium explored the histories of art, archaeology, and ethnography museums across Latin America.

Film Preservation in Latin America: Pasado, Presente, Futuro

Latin American archivists showcase restored films and discuss challenges in maintaining their countries' cinematic legacy.

"Paper Pear Paper": Charting the Course of Concrete Poetry

Panelists compared the poetic art of Ian Hamilton Finlay to that of his contemporaries in Brazil, Austria, and France.

Bouchardon and His Contemporaries

Conference explored the diffusion and reception of Bouchardon's oeuvre and the artist's relationships with his contemporaries.

Designing the Getty Research Institute's First Online Exhibition

A behind-the-scenes perspective on the Getty Research Institute's first online exhibition.

Provenance: Exposing the Spoils of War

Simon Goodman discussed his book The Orpheus Clock—a fascinating true story about Nazi looting of art and restitution.

Art on Screen: Memorias del Subdesarrollo (Memories of Underdevelopment)

A newly restored 1968 film depicting one man's struggles to adapt to social and political changes following the Cuban Revolution.

French 18th-Century Artist Travels from Istanbul to Egypt

Peter Louis Bonfitto presented extraordinary proof prints from a neoclassical diplomatic voyage to the Ottoman court on Facebook Live.

Secrets of a European Neuroarthistory: From the "Photographic" Art of the Chauvet Cave to the Mysterious Appeal of the Mona Lisa

An approach to art that makes use of the latest neuroscientific knowledge.

Lady Strangford's Travel Account of Crossing the Syrian Desert

Peter Louis Bonfitto and Jane Friedman discussed travel literature in the mid-19th century on Facebook Live.

Palmyra and Aleppo: Syria's Cultural Heritage in Conflict

A panel of specialists discussed the unfolding consequences of war on historic sites and monuments in Syria and throughout the region.

An Afternoon Tribute in Honor of David Antin

An afternoon gathering celebrated the life and work of poet, critic, artist, and teacher David Antin.

Art and the Reformation

International two-day colloquium presented new discoveries and approaches to art and the Reformation.

The Art of Alchemy Colloquium

The mysterious art of alchemy transformed visual culture from antiquity to the industrial age and its legacy still permeates the world we make today.

Chemical Rainbows and Liquid Crystal Souls: The Spirit of Alchemy in the History of Art

A mysterious and misunderstood subject which influenced artistic practice and expression from antiquity to the present day.

ASCENT: A film by Fiona Tan

Over 4000 exceptional photographs depicting Mount Fuji form this filmic experiment balancing documentary and fiction.


If Venice Dies

Art historian Salvatore Settis discusses the devastating impact of mass tourism on historic cities like Venice.

Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Lectures, Music, Film

A lively array of lectures, music, performances, and films complements the exhibition Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China's Silk Road

Cornelia Funke's Voyage into the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Children's author Cornelia Funke returned for storytelling and book signing.


This 90-minute screening featured recent video artworks by 15 artists and collectives from Latin America.


BURDEN is a probing cinematic portrait of Los Angeles artist Chris Burden (1946–2015).

Cave Temples of Dunhuang: History, Art, and Materiality

International scholars examined the history, artistic practice, spiritual content, and conservation of the Mogao cave temples.

Dunhuang as Nexus of the Silk Road during the Middle Ages

Professor Victor Mair discusses how Dunhuang figured prominently in linking diverse civilizations across Eurasia.

Photo Archives V: The Paradigm of Objectivity

This symposium explored the relationship between photographic reproduction technologies, archival practices, and concepts of objectivity.

The Art of Food

This series of events explores culinary history and practices, the artistic display of food, and its preparation.


Looking East, Looking West: Mughal Painting between Persia and Europe

Kavita Singh explored the entangled history of politics and style in Mughal painting.

Edible Delights in History

Culinary experts and Getty curators discussed two Getty exhibitions about the art of food in medieval and early modern Europe..

Darra Goldstein and The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets

Darra Goldstein signed copies of her definitive volume The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets.

Fit for a King: Louis XIV and the Art of Fashion

Art historian Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell examined the Sun King's lasting contributions to French fashion as well as his own exquisite taste.

An Afternoon Adventure with Cornelia Funke

Award-winning children's author Cornelia Funke read from a selection of her best-selling works and spoke about where she finds inspiration.

Recent Video from Latin America

This 90-minute screening featured recent video and performance artworks by 17 artists and collectives from Latin America.

Reconsidering Harald Szeemann

This panel explored the work of Swiss curator Harald Szeemann and the interactions between artistic and curatorial practice.

Visual and Textual Dialogues in Colonial Mexico and Europe: The Florentine Codex

How Nahua contributors and their Spanish interpreter, used images and alphabetic texts to represent their cultures to mixed audiences in Mexico and Europe during the late 16th century was discussed.

World War I Lecture Series

Bombing the Cathedral of Reims

Reframing the Future of Film: A Discussion with Tacita Dean, Christopher Nolan, and Kerry Brougher

Tacita Dean and Christopher Nolan, both passionate advocates within their respective fields, discussed the necessary future of film with Kerry Brougher.

Dance of the Maize God

Film screening and discussion explored ancient Maya life and mythology, as well as the tangled issues involved in the collection and study of looted art.


World War I Film Series

J'accuse (1919) and Grand Illusion (La grande illusion) (1937) were screened at the Aero Theatre.

Photography and Sculpture: The Art Object in Reproduction

This symposium explored the intersections between sculpture and photography.

Yvonne Rainer Film and Video Screening Schedule

A complete retrospective of Rainer's films screened, including her seven feature films and important shorter works.

Yvonne Rainer: Two Works

Renowned choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer presented two performances that touched on themes of aging, death, play, and the current socioeconomic situation in America.

Japanese Zen Buddhism and the Impossible Painting

This lecture considered the connections between ink paintings, medieval shogunal culture, and Zen Buddhism's doctrinal emphasis on the concept of emptiness.

Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography

A three-week residential course offered an introduction to reading and transcription of handwritten Italian vernacular texts from the late medieval though the early modern periods.

Jackson Pollock's Mural: Transition, Context, Afterlife

A day of lively conversation among art historians, scientists, and conservators about the context and legacies of Jackson Pollock's Mural.

Cornelia Funke Storytelling and Book Signing

Award-winning children's author Cornelia Funke read a selection of her best-selling works and spoke about where she finds inspiration.

Connecting Seas Lecture Series: "Imagining the Conquest of Mexico" and "Object of Plunder: The Congo through the Centuries"

This lecture series documented how people have crossed seas to discover other cultures, from 16th-century Aztec Mexico to the 19th-century Belgian Congo.

Transpacific Engagements: Visual Culture of Global Exchange (1781–1869)

Scholarly presentations addressed cultural and artistic exchange in the Pacific region from the late 18th to the early-to-mid-19th centuries.


Chatting with Henri Matisse: The Lost 1941 Interview

Tyler Green and Serge Guilbaut discussed Swiss art critic Pierre Courthion's wartime interview with Henri Matisse, which the artist suppressed, and explored the significance of its publication today.

The Colors of the New World: Artists, Materials, and the Creation of the Florentine Codex

New research has revealed the complexity of meanings inherent in the selection of pigments used in the manuscript, providing a fascinating glimpse into a previously hidden symbolic language.

Art on Screen: A Conversation with Agnès Varda

Using her personal history, relationships, and travels as inspiration, Agnès Varda expands the documentary genre beyond the screen to the gallery and museum.

Mellon Summer Institute in French Paleography

A four-week residential course examined French manuscripts and archival materials from the 13th to the 17th century

What the Critic Sees: Ada Louise Huxtable and Her Legacy

Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times architecture critic, examined the career and legacy of Ada Louise Huxtable.

London and the Emergence of a European Art Market (ca. 1780–1820)

This two-day conference examined the role of London in this developing market by shedding new light on the mechanisms of the art trade that connected major European centers around 1800.


Screening of the laconic and moody film from director Franco Rossi that presents a compelling outsider's perspective through two days in the City of Angels.

The Art of Wealth: The Huntingtons in the Gilded Age

Shelley M. Bennett, former curator and senior research associate at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, speaks about her new book.

Urban Ambition: Assessing the Evolution of L.A.

This two-day symposium analyzed diverse issues related to L.A.'s layered architectural history, its ongoing evolution, and its future possibilities.

Why L.A.? An Evening with Hitoshi Abe, Neil Denari, Craig Hodgetts, and Peter Noever

Internationally renowned leaders in the architecture community reflected on how the city's built environment has affected their work.
Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World

Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World

This two-day conference examined the circulation of objects across regions and cultures in the early modern period, addressing the ways in which mobility led to new meanings, uses, and interpretations.

A "New Friendship between Art and Anthropology": Surrealism in Mexico

This lecture explored the relationship between archaeology, anthropology, and modern art in the avant-garde journal Dyn.


Arthur Schnitzler and Vienna 1900

Arthur Schnitzler and Vienna 1900

A panel discussion and staged reading of Arthur Schnitzler—Being Jewish focused on the writer's conflicted feelings about his Jewish identity.

Summer Research Academy: Encounters in World Art History

Research and conversation among eight doctoral students and eight senior scholars from the International Consortium on Art History.
Getty Research Portal Launch

Getty Research Portal

This colloquium marked the launch of the Getty Research Portal™ of digitized art history texts. Participants discussed the portal's potential to revolutionize how art historians conduct research and its consequences for the digital humanities.
Grave Relief of Publius Curtilius Agatus / Unknown

Artistic Practice in the Ancient World: Sketches, Models, and Pattern Books

This colloquium explored literary texts and material remains in diverse media.
Fred Zinnemann

Fred Zinnemann: Cinema of Resistance

This film series included screenings and conversations about one of Hollywood's legendary directors.
Still from the film

Thomas Demand's Pacific Sun

This conversation about Thomas Demand's film Pacific Sun explored the intersections of photography and film, art and memory, and aesthetics and technology.
The Bodacious Buggerrilla performs

Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival The Bodacious Buggerrilla: A Reprise Performance and Conversation

A provocative evening reunited original members of the radical street theater troupe, which performed around Los Angeles from the 1960s to the early 1980s.
The theater terrace at Pergamon

The Introduction of Photography as a Practice in Archaeological Documentation since the Late 19th Century

Ortwin Dally discussed photography's status in archaeology as well as its relationship to other forms of visual representation.


Ed Moses and Frank Gehry in Greece (detail)

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Frank Gehry and the Los Angeles Art Scene

Frank Gehry united with close collaborators and friends to reflect on their formative years in the Los Angeles art scene.
The Phrenologer's Window /  Saar

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Assemblage and Politics

Symposium participants discussed how the medium of assemblage sculpture emerged and continues to thrive as a tool of social critique and transformation.
In Mourning and In Rage media performance

Artists & Archives: A Pacific Standard Time Symposium

A panel of artists and scholars explored the ways contemporary artists incorporate archives into their work.
Antropologia de la mula / Bustos

Between Theory and Practice: Rethinking Latin American Art in the 21st Century, Part Two

An international group of scholars, curators, museum directors, and artists discussed new approaches to the study and presentation of Latin American art in the 21st century.
De Wain Valentine polishing

Modern Art in Los Angeles: An Evening with De Wain Valentine

Artist De Wain Valentine discussed the production, conservation, and display challenges of his monumental work Gray Column.
(November 2, 2011)

Helene Winer

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Women Curators in Los Angeles

This conversation brought together three pioneering curators to discuss their crucial role in defining West Coast art as well as the paths they followed as gallerists, curators, and art historians.
Digital Art History logo

Digital Art History: Challenges, Tools, Practical Solutions

Invited speakers from several countries who are experts in the burgeoning field of Digital Humanities gave presentations in Málaga, Spain.
Frontispice de l'Encyclopédie / Prévost & Cochin II

Taste and the Senses: Aesthetic Formation and Material Experience in Eighteenth-Century France

This symposium explored how Enlightenment thinking about the senses marked a turning point in the reception of art with the creation of a new aesthetic sensibility.
India no. 4 /  Nash

Exhibiting the Art of India: Dilemmas & Discourses of Display

This roundtable addressed issues surrounding the display of premodern to contemporary Indian art in museums in and outside of the Indian subcontinent.
Drive-In Theater (detail) / Shulman

Questioning the Standard: New Narratives of Art in Los Angeles

This one-day workshop brought together curators, scholars, and educators working on the Pacific Standard Time region-wide research initiative.
Still from <em>Scenes of City Life</em>

Scenes of City Life

A rare screening of Yuan Muzhi's Scenes of City Life, a treasure in early Chinese cinema.
Wu Man

Wu Man in Concert

Wu Man, the world's leading exponent of the pipa—a Chinese lute-like instrument—specially designed this program to complement the exhibition Brush and Shutter: Early Photography in China.
When, if ever, does one draw a line under the horrors of history in the interest of truth and reconciliation? /  Motta

Between Theory and Practice: Rethinking Latin American Art in the 21st Century, Part One

An international group of scholars, curators, museum directors, and artists discussed new approaches to the study and presentation of Latin American art in the 21st century.
View of a Dealer's Picture Gallery/after van Ehrenberg

The Display of Art in Eighteenth-Century Europe 1700–1830

This two-day colloquium focused on the history of the picture gallery in eighteenth-century Europe.


Artists Einar and Jamex de la Torre explored their approach to reinterpreting the classics of Mesoamerican sculpture.

Modernism's Ruins: Appropriations of Ancient Mesoamerica

Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker and writer Jesse Lerner discussed the persistence of ancient Mexican visual culture in the modern imagination.


Plan and elevation of the Colonna Gallery main room

Display of Art in Roman Palaces 1550–1750

This conference analyzed patterns of display of art in noble Roman homes from 1550–1750.
Frederic Tuten / Steve Martin

Modern Art in Los Angeles: A Conversation with Frederic Tuten and Steve Martin

New York-based novelist Frederic Tuten and actor and author Steve Martin discussed the interchange between contemporary art and fiction and how visual art influences their work.
Godine/ Publisher

Books that Matter for People Who Care

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the David R. Godine publishing house, David Godine gave a lecture about the letterpress books made by his company between 1970 and 1985 and collected by the Getty Research Institute.
Lettre d'amour / Moro

Vivísimo Muerto: Debates on Surrealism in Latin America

This two-day symposium explored the history of surrealist ideas and practices in Latin America.
Minority Report / Spielberg

Creating Cinematic Worlds: A Conversation with Alex McDowell, Lisa Jackson, and Boris Hars-Tschachotin

This panel discussion explored the process of production design, and examined the essential role of visual research.
Lucy Bradnock

Avant-garde Antics: The Art of Display in Postwar Los Angeles

Getty Research Institute Pacific Standard Time Scholar Lucy Bradnock discussed some of the ways in which the display of art functioned as a distinctive strategy of the Los Angeles avant-garde.
Untitled / Pashgian

Modern Art in Los Angeles: The Industrialized Gesture

Los Angeles artists Peter Alexander, Helen Pashgian, and De Wain Valentine discussed their pioneering experimentation with industrial processes and materials beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Zoom Out: The Making and Unmaking of the "Orient" through Photography

This symposium examined how the Middle East and North Africa were represented through photography during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
William Krisel / Unknown

William Krisel, Architect

This documentary blends a range of film sources, including historical footage of the architect at work, new interviews, and conversations.
Public Art Installations in Philadelphia: Practice and Principle

Public Art Installations in Philadelphia: Practice and Principle

This lecture explored the history and display of public art in Philadelphia.
Still from Heaven and Earth Magic / Smith

Smith on Smith

In celebration of the Getty Research Institute publication Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde in the American Vernacular, Patti Smith and friends gathered at the Hammer Museum for a night of film, live music, and remembrance of filmmaker, musicologist, and bohemian Harry Everett Smith.


Algiers, Taken from the Casbah / Bettinger

Peripheral Visions: Colonization, Resistance, Representation

The University of Southern California's Thirteenth Annual "Expanding the Visual Field" Graduate Student Symposium sought to explore the role of the visual in articulating the relationship between the colonized and the colonizer.
Introduction to Metadata / Baca

Convergence: Where Metadata and Access Meet for Digital Discovery and Delivery

The 2009 OCLC Digital Forum West featured experts from the museum, archival, and library communities discussing current projects and initiatives exploring creation of metadata for digital discovery and delivery.
Receipt for payment of three paintings / Guercino

Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography

This three-week residential course offered intensive training in the accurate reading and transcription of handwritten Italian vernacular texts from the late Medieval though the early modern periods.
Artemis / Unknown

Greek Art/Roman Eyes: The Reception of Greek Art in the Private Sphere in Ancient Italy

This symposium addressed how Romans and other ancient peoples on the Italian peninsula collected, appreciated, emulated, and displayed the art and culture of Greece
Conversations with Frank Gehry / Isenberg

In Conversation: Barbara Isenberg and Frank Gehry

Author Barbara Isenberg and architect Frank Gehry reflected upon over 20 years of conversations.
Still from Double Feature #38 / Adams

Walls of Algiers: Reconsidering the Colonial Archive

This colloquium examined questions raised by the Getty Research Institute's exhibition Walls of Algiers: Narratives of the City.
Ed Ruscha at Gemini G.E.L. /  Felsen

Modern Art in Los Angeles: 40+ Years with Gemini G.E.L.

Cofounders Sidney Felsen and Stanley Grinstein, and artists John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha discussed the pioneering workshop Gemini G.E.L.
Civil Rights and African-American History Memorials in the Contemporary Urban South

Civil Rights and African-American History Memorials in the Contemporary Urban South

Architectural historian Dell Upton explored how monuments have been used as a visual language to celebrate the democratic, nonviolent civil rights movement that began in the American South.
Notebook of designs / Baldi

Curator's Choice: A Collection Built by Design,

Wim de Wit, head of the Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art, discussed his collecting priorities and showed examples from the Research Institute's rich holdings.
Le due città / Rossi

Architecture and Design: Investigating the Collection

This research lab brought together a group of scholars to explore the Getty Research Institute's extensive architecture and design holdings.
Malvina Hoffman measures her model

Malvina Hoffman Papers Research Lab

This research lab explored the Getty Research Institute's Malvina Hoffman papers, a nearly complete archive documenting the life and creative practice of the sculptor Malvina Hoffman.
Adorée au grand air / César Moro

Surrealism in Latin America

This workshop explored the critical reception and dissemination of surrealist ideas in Latin America.
Der Übergang / Penck

German/American Artistic Exchange during the Cold War

This conference examined the cultural and intellectual exchanges that occurred between the United States and Germany from 1945 to 1989.
Collecting African American Art in the 21st Century

Collecting African American Art in the 21st Century

Alvia Wardlaw, professor of art history and director and curator of the University Museum at Texas Southern University, discussed new developments in the history of collecting African American art.
Hermit / Goncharova

The Book as Such in the Russian Avant-Garde

This symposium brought together scholars and artists to explore the Russian avant-garde's revolutionary experiments with book design.
Figure making sound / Larionov, Khlebnikov, Kruchenykh

Explodity: An Evening of Transrational Sound Poetry

Contemporary experimental poets read Russian Futurist zaum' and their own sound poetry.
9 Mojo Secrets / Saar

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Gallery 32

Artist Betye Saar, artist and Gallery 32 founder Suzanne Jackson, and Laband Art Gallery director Carolyn Peter discussed the historic and ongoing impact of Gallery 32.


Bread Puzzle and Inclined Plane Puzzle / Brecht

Fluxus Research Lab

This research lab reevaluated received narratives of Fluxus artists and their production and explored new frameworks for the display, access, and preservation of Fluxus art.
Women in Procession / Smith

The Image of Peru: History and Art, 1550–1880

This two-day symposium focused on the visual representation of Peru from the colonial period through the 19th century.
Arango House / Lautner

Against Reason: John Lautner and Postwar Architecture

This symposium explored the antirationalist trend in architecture during the second half of the 20th century.
Oil vessel / Unknown

Cultural Identity and the Peoples of the Ancient Mediterranean

This two-day conference explored how ancient peoples expressed their identities by establishing, constructing, or inventing links with other societies that crossed traditional ethnic and geographic lines.
Broadside for Land of the Head Hunters / Curtis

Documents of an Encounter

This two-day symposium examined a variety of themes related to Edward Curtis's 1914 silent film In the Land of the Head Hunters.
LA Art Girls recreate Allan Kaprow’s Fluids

A Reinvention of Allan Kaprow's Fluids by the LA Art Girls

The Getty Research Institute commissioned the LA Art Girls to produce Overflow, a project conceived as both a historical homage to Kaprow's Fluids and a contemporary investigation of issues raised by the original work such as environmentalism and participation.
Seated Woman / Moore

Anglo-American Exchange in Postwar Sculpture, 1945–1975

This symposium explored the postwar interaction between British and American sculptors, critics, curators, and teachers, and examined the particular importance of Anglo-American exchange to the history of postwar sculpture.
Libellus Valde / Wyss

Dissertation Workshop

This workshop provided a small group of advanced graduate students with an opportunity for intensive discussion with each other and with senior professors in the field.
Logo for California Video exhibition

California Video Screening Series

Organized in association with the exhibition California Video at the J. Paul Getty Museum, this screening series explored alternate perspectives of the diverse history of video art in California.
Le Corbusier / Toward an Architecture

Le Corbusier's Toward an Architecture: From the Bildungsroman to the Manifesto

Jean-Louis Cohen discussed Le Corbusier's noted work Toward an Architecture (Vers une architecture), first published in 1923 by Le Corbusier and reissued by the Getty Research Institute in 2007 in a new scholarly translation by John Goodman.
Municipio Ex Castello / Hutzel

Art History and the Present

This workshop with the Clark Art Institute addressed what is lost or gained when works of art from the past are interpreted according to present standards and contemporary art according to past precedents.
Bossy Burger / McCarthy

The Object in Transition: Contemporary Voices

Artists Robert Gober, Rachel Harrison, Paul McCarthy, and Doris Salcedo discussed the production and conservation of their work with curator Elisabeth Sussman and conservator Christian Scheidemann.
Yve-Alain Bois and Carol Mancusi-Ungaro

The Object in Transition

This conference aimed to foster increased dialogue between art historians, conservators, and artists via presentations of joint research, intensive examination of case studies, and panel discussions.
Barbara McCullough and Ulysses Jenkins

Modern Art in Los Angeles: African American Avant-Gardes, 1965–1990

This conversation reunited four African American artists, Maren Hassinger, Ulysses Jenkins, Barbara McCullough, and Senga Nengudi, who worked together in the 1970s and 1980s in Los Angeles.


L'empereur Yao / Stanislas after Helman

Papers on China

This symposium explored questions of art and culture in early modern Europe and Ming and Qing China.
book cover for Bernard Picart First Global Vision

At the Interface of Religion and Cosmopolitanism: Bernard Picart's Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peoples du monde (1723–1743) and the European Enlightenment

This conference explored the seven-volume folio work that sought to capture the ritual and ceremonial life of all the known religions of the world.
Harry Smith / Graham

Old Weird America: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music

This documentary tells the story of Harry Smith's 1952 Anthology of American Folk Music, which helped launch the folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s.
Close Radio

A History of Close Radio

Artists John Duncan, Paul McCarthy, Nancy Buchanan, and Paul Vangelisti discussed the history of Close Radio, a weekly series of experimental radio broadcasts for artists, listeners, and political groups, broadcast on Los Angeles station KPFK from 1976 to 1979.
Sam Maloof

Craft at the Limits

This conference and panel of artists explored the social and artistic place of craft in the postwar period.
Boxing Painting / Shinohara

(Rajikaru!) Experimentations in Japanese Art, 1950–1975

This weekend of free events included a half-day festival, an evening of performances, and a daylong conference that explored critical vanguard art practices in Japan from 1950 to 1975.
Rajikaru Performance

(Rajikaru!) An Evening of Works by Ichiyanagi, Kosugi, Ono, and Shiomi

This program included performances of musical works by Shiomi Mieko, Yoko Ono, Ichiyanagi Toshi, and a special solo appearance by Kosugi Takehisa performing his own works.
TV Drama / Yoshitaka

(Rajikaru!) Radical Communication: Japanese Video Art, 1968–1988

This screening series featured work by 31 media artists active in Japan between 1968 and 1988.
Caught in the Act / Antin

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Feminist Art in Southern California

This panel brought together artists Eleanor Antin, Barbara Carrasco, Maren Hassinger, Rachel Rosenthal, and Faith Wilding—all of whom made significant contributions to feminist art—to consider the origin and legacy of the movement.
Electric Dress / Atsuko

Dissertation Workshop

This workshop provided a small group of advanced graduate students an opportunity for intensive discussion with each other and senior professors in the field.
Joe Goode, Jerry McMillan, Ed Ruscha/McMillan

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Okies Go West

Childhood friends, neighbors, and classmates Jerry McMillan, Ed Ruscha, and Mason Williams discussed their transition from Oklahoma City to the City of Angels, their early careers and the formation of an art scene in Los Angeles.
Jazz Magazine cover from 1955

Côte à Côte–Coast to Coast: Art and Jazz in France and California

By extending the parameters of a traditional scholarly conference, Côte à Côte explored the relationship between jazz and contemporary art.


Conical Intersect / Matta-Clark

Celluloid Structures: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

This screening and discussion explored Gordon Matta-Clark's artistic process and his deep engagement with time-based work.
Shelf of books

Art History and the Digital World

This forum brought together a group of scholars, artists, librarians, and experts in technology, publishing, and law to explore issues at the intersection of digital technologies and the study of art.
Martin Kersels performs Hack

An Evening of Short Performances

Several short performances showcased work by leading practitioners of avant-garde performance and dance.
Trisha Brown performs Water Motor / Mangolte

Movement and the Visual Arts

The conference brought together artists and scholars to participate in a day of lectures, dialogues, screenings, and performances that explored moments of intersection between the visual arts, dance, and other forms of performance.
Still from A Family Finds Entertainment / Trecartin

Reckless Behavior

This program featured recent and newly commissioned pieces of video art that look at "reckless behavior" as both a strategy and a theme.
Keyboard Study / Riley

Minimalist Jukebox: From Intonation to Collaboration

This event explored key moments of intersection between Minimalist music and other art forms.
Bass Residence Case Study House #20 / Shulman

Dissertation Workshop

This workshop provided a small group of advanced graduate students an opportunity for intensive discussion with each other and senior professors in the field.
Thomas Crow and Gore Vidal

A Conversation: Gore Vidal and Thomas Crow

Author Gore Vidal and Thomas Crow, director of the Getty Research Institute, discussed contemporary politics and the continued relevance of antiquity.
Space / Mullican

Modern Art in Los Angeles: Lee Mullican

Curator Henry Hopkins, artists Tony Berlant and Lari Pittman, and Greenwood Press founder Jack Stauffacher discussed the art, teaching, and influence of artist Lee Mullican.


Still from Gringo-thon / Berger

Surveying the Border

This program presented some of the best short video works made by artists since the mid-1970s that take the relation between the United States and Mexico as their subject matter.
Idol and Altar at Copan / Catherwood

Dissertation Workshop

This workshop provided a small group of advanced graduate students an opportunity for intensive discussion with each other and senior professors in the field.
Head of a Canal / Unknown

Activity and Repose: Place, Memory, and Sociality in Chinese and Japanese Gardens

This symposium explored how the garden in China and Japan functions as a nexus of creative individual and social energy.
Estructura óptica / Cruz-Diez

Structures and Systems: "An Intercontinental Art World"

Part two of a collaborative conference that examined the radical transformations in art-making practice in the 1960s and 1970s.
Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, Bronson Caves / Teske

Edmund Teske's Los Angeles

This program of film, spoken word performance, and discussion explored the art of Edmund Teske and his participation in the cultural milieu of Los Angeles.
Building Music concert logo

Building Music

This program of lectures and performances explored the relationship between music and architecture.
Bette and the Giant Jewfish / Bell

Structures and Systems: "Minimal Art in the United States"

Part one of a collaborative conference that examined the radical transformations in art-making practice in the 1960s and 1970s.
Eruption of Vesuvius / Vito

Dissertation Workshop

This workshop provided a small group of advanced graduate students an opportunity for intensive discussion with each other and senior professors in the field.
Duveen Brothers storeroom / Unknown

Beauty and Truth for Sale: The Art of the Dealer

This international conference focused on the role of the dealer in the art market.


The Great Wall of Los Angeles / Baca

Mural Painting and Conservation in the Americas

This symposium addressed the social, artistic, and political dimensions of murals as well as issues of conservation.
Waters / O'Neal; Pickett, Brown, Turner, Franklin / Cantor

Feel Like Going Home: Musicians in Print, on Film, and in Concert

This program explored biography as a mode for understanding art.
Change Over / Hammersley

Modern Art in Los Angeles: The Late Forties

Museum professionals Walter Hopps, Henry Hopkins, and James Byrnes, and artist Frederick Hammersley discussed the postwar art world in Los Angeles.
The Bird Catchers / Boucher

The Invention of Boucher

Thomas Crow, director of the Getty Research Institute, explored the life and work of French Rococo artist François Boucher.
Michael Apted / Hamshere

An Evening with Michael Apted

This event featured clips of the work of filmmaker Michael Apted and a discussion with the director.
Number Seven / Stauffacher

A Conversation with Jack Stauffacher

Renowned printer, typographer, and founder of the Greenwood Press in San Francisco, Jack Stauffacher conversed with award-winning type designer Matthew Carter.
Entrance / Seator

Making Things, Moving Places: The Work of Artist Glen Seator

This symposium examined a decade of the late artist's work realized in the United States and Europe.
still from Film #18 Mahagonny / Smith

Harry Smith's Film #18, Mahagonny

A newly preserved four-projector film work was shown in conjunction with a one-day symposium.
Young Italian Woman at a Table / Cézanne

Artists' Last Thoughts

Three noted art historians talked about the reflections of four visual artists at the end of their careers: Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian, Paul Cézanne, and Willem de Kooning.
Perspective Pratique / Dubreuil

Visions and Bound-ries

Acclaimed American writers David Antin, Marvin Bell, and Jorie Graham read specially commissioned poems.
Walt Disney concert hall / White

Building Walt Disney Concert Hall

A panel discussion focused on the design and building processes of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Jonathan Miller / Unknown

The Gaze: Looking as It Appears in Pictures

Jonathan Miller gave a public lecture in conjunction with the symposium "Frames of Viewing: The Brain, Cognition, and Art."
Beth Kelly / Unknown

Self Portrait of an Other

In this collaborative, mixed-media presentation writer Cees Nooteboom read sections of her new novel while pianist Sarah Rothenberg provided musical accompaniment.
No. 46 [Black, Ochre, Red Over Red] / Rothko

Seeing Rothko

This symposium explored the act of seeing and the conditions under which Mark Rothko's work would face its audience.


Aeneas / Virgil

Heroes Leave Their Shores: Exile, Loss, and the Dynamics of Artistic Creation

This conference included paper sessions, performances, and several related public events that examined various aspects of exile as a creative, social, and psychological phenomenon.
David Tudor / Brown

David Tudor Symposium

Scholars, musicians, and artists discussed the piano performance and live electronic music of the pioneering American composer David Tudor.
Still from Film #1: A Strange Dream / Smith

Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde in the American Vernacular

This multimedia conference, performance, and website explored the life and work of filmmaker, musicologist, and bohemian Harry Everett Smith.
Downtown Los Angeles / Hernandez

Art Matters

Artists and other arts professionals discussed their work and the changing contemporary arts landscape in this series of conversations.
Local Libraries / Local Knowledge

Local Libraries / Local Knowledge

This program brought together students, teachers, librarians, urban planners, and community activists to create visual representations of neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Day of the Dead altar / unknown

Participation Project: Artists, Communities, and Cultural Citizenship

This project explored the connections between community-based art-making and other kinds of civic engagement.