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An Evening of Short Performances

Date: Saturday, June 3, 2006
Time:: 8:00 p.m.
Location: Getty Center, Harold M. Williams Auditorium

Several short performances showcase work by leading practitioners of avant-garde performance and dance.

Martin Kersels
(2005, 5 min.)
Martin Kersels is a Los Angeles-based artist working on the fringes of sculpture and performance. His work ranges from the collaborative performances to large-scale sculptures. He performs a section from a larger work, Hack, that he created with the performance collaborative SHRIMPS. The work was first performed at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 2005.

Sally Silvers
Little Lieutenant
(1994, 7 min., 16 mm.)
Sally Silvers explores the possibilities of movement, often tilted toward the eccentric, awkward, and unexpected. This film collaboration with experimental filmmaker Henry Hills tells a fractured story of war and features six dancers, music by Kurt Weill, and music arrangement by composer John Zorn, Silvers' frequent collaborator.

Sally Silvers
Along the Skidmark of Recorded History
(1990, 6 min.)
Silvers combines humor, eccentricity, and deliberately awkward transitions in this fearless solo dance, which is accompanied by music by John Zorn.

John Jasperse Dance Company
Scavenger (work-in-progress)
(2006, 15 min.)
Scavenger is a new evening-length work for five dancers choreographed by John Jasperse with a commissioned score by composer Zeena Parkins and lighting design by Joe Levasseur and John Jasperse. The piece examines existence in a capitalist society with relatively little or no capital. Waste, hoarding, whoring, begging, seduction, philanthropy, and blood money all play a role in such a world. The work compares the means available to populations of different social and geographic realms throughout history and examines the special privileges and responsibilities accorded to the artist.

John Jasperse Dance Company
Duet from "Madison as I imagine it"
(1999, 7–13 min.)
Images, motion, sound, light, and architecture combine into a work about the strange beauty of irregularity, imperfection, spaciousness, and possibility. The piece, performed by performed by Eleanor Hullihan and John Jasperse, emphasizes movement in parts of the body that are rarely thought of as expressive, revealing unexpected moments of tenderness and beauty.

L.A. Art Girls
"Spanish Card Piece for Objects"
The L.A. Art Girls are a collective of independent California-based artists. The group began in 2004 as a means of encouraging discourse on contemporary art and as a way of introducing artists to one another. This piece from George Brecht's Water Yam. Fluxus C from the Jean Brown Papers in the collections of the Getty Research Institute uses Spanish cards and stopwatches to choreograph movement and sound.

Yvonne Rainer
"AG Indexical, with a little help from H.M."
(2004, 18 min.)
Pioneering dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer has created a remake of the Balanchine/Stravinsky classic Agon. Initially commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop in New York and further supported during a Getty Research Institute fellowship in Los Angeles, "AG Indexical, with a little help from H.M." is performed by four women: dancers and choreographers Pat Catterson, Patricia Hoffbauer, and Sally Silvers and classically trained dancer Emily Coates. In the spirit of a remake, Agon at once pays tribute to, parodies, and analyzes its antecedent.

AG Indexical, Scavenger, and Hack

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