Photograph by Fabiola Lopez

LA #UNSHUTTERED: One from Many


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The Getty Center


Get free tickets to the Getty Center

Get free tickets to the Getty Center

LA #Unshuttered showcases the photography of young artists advocating for social justice. Located in the Museum Entrance Hall, Plaza Level, the projections in this installation provide a unique gallery experience. Featured are works by ten Los Angeles-based, high-school students who have been learning about, engaging in, and working for causes greater than themselves. They collaborated with nonprofit organizations and community establishments to explore topics such as mental health, African American hair and identity, immigration experiences, stereotypes about aging and beauty, religious tolerance, and LGBTQ+ pride.

This installation reflects the photographs of those who participated in the program at the Getty. Thousands more have contributed online. To learn more or to join our Unshuttered community, visit or download the Getty Unshuttered app.

Getty Unshuttered is inspired by Genesis Motor America.

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