Library Catalog

Lawrence Alloway and Sylvia Sleigh Correspondence
Personal correspondence between curator Lawrence Alloway and artist Sylvia Sleigh during the early years of their marriage, predominantly from the 1940s through the 1970s.
Alfredo Boulton Archive
An art critic, researcher, and art historian on Venezuelan art, Boulton was the first to generate a comprehensive analysis of the region's art and is considered a pioneer of modern photography.
Joseph Cornell Correspondence to Susanna De Maria Wilson
A collection of unpublished letters from artist Joseph Cornell to one of his first assistants, then married to Walter De Maria, feature poetic and philosophical musings as well as examples of Cornell's exquisite collages.
Duc de Luynes Archive and Related Photographs by Henri Sauvaire
Collections documenting an 1864 expedition to the Holy Land undertaken by visionary art collector, archaeologist, and scientist Honoré d'Albert, duc de Luynes and related photographs of Crusader castles, 1866
Albrecht Dürer's Landscape with Cannon
This rare print holds historical, technical, and representational significance and adds to the Research Institute's materials on the Islamic world during the early modern period.
Duveen Brothers Stock Documentation
Completing the Research Institute's Duveen Brothers Resources, this donation documents the dealings of a firm whose collections became the nuclei of the National Gallery of Art, the Huntington Art Collections, and the Frick Collection.
Sidney B. Felsen Photography Archive
An extensive documentary archive on printmaking and artistic collaboration at influential Los Angeles printing press Gemini G.E.L. (Graphic Editions Limited)
Simone Forti Archive
Extensive collection of materials from artist, dancer, performer, and writer Simone Forti, a key figure in the development of minimalism and experimental dance since the 1960s.
Frank Gehry Papers
An architectural acquisition of unparalleled scale, this archive is a comprehensive portrait of one of the most eminent architects practicing today and a unique resource for research into global architectural culture in the postwar era.
Guerrilla Girls Archive
Lectures, personal letters, hate and fan mail, and internal and legal documentation chronicle the activities of this anonymous group of feminist artists and activists from 1985 to 2000, before it split into three separate organizations.
Frederick Hammersley Archive
Sketchbooks, notebooks, lithographs, prints, and other working materials by a founder of hard-edge abstractionism, providing intellectual and technical insight on the artistic process.
Harmony Hammond Archive
The papers of this pathbreaking American artist chronicle the development of feminist, lesbian, and queer art and visual culture from the 1960s through the 2000s.
Thomas S. Hines Archive and Autograph Album
The papers of an architectural historian and professor widely known for his detailed investigations of key figures in the development of Southern California architecture.
Richard Hunt Archive
The sculptor's papers document his role as one of the foremost American artists of the mid- to late-20th century, a prolific creator of public art in the US, and an eminent public figure in the African American community.
Ada Louise Huxtable Archive
Documenting the most important voice in architectural criticism over the last 50 years, this archive contains a rich range of materials that detail Huxtable's powerful influence on the fields of architecture, construction, and city politics.
Johnson Publishing Company Photography Archive
The collection of JPC, producers of Ebony and Jet magazine, spans more than four million photographic prints, slides, and negatives covering the early 1940s to the present, making it one of the most comprehensive records of Black culture in the 20th century.
Mary Kelly Papers and Post-Partum Document Archive
The papers of a significant late 20th-century artist associated with conceptual art, postmodernism, and feminist interventions into artistic practice, along with materials related to the defining project of her artistic career.
The Kitchen Archive
The foremost record of the intersections of avant-garde performance, music, dance, and video during the 1970s through the 1990s, from New York City's leading alternative art space.
Knoedler Gallery Archive
Illuminating the operations of one of America's oldest and most preeminent galleries, this archive adds key unpublished resources to the Research Institute's collections related to the history of taste, the art market, collecting, and patronage.
Latin American Dealer Archives
The Stendahl Art Galleries records provide insights on US interest in pre-Hispanic and modern Latin American art, and the papers of Clara Diament Sujo illuminate a significant Latin American art market in the United States beginning in the 1980s.
Margo Leavin Gallery Archive
Featuring business dealings, histories of installations, and photographs of decades of artists' works, the records of one of Los Angeles's most prominent art galleries underscore its contribution to the international acclaim of Los Angeles conceptual art.
Steven Leiber Archive
The archive of one of the pioneering dealers of artists' ephemera and publications greatly expands and deepens the Research Institute's holdings of ephemera and multiples by avant-garde artists working in the wake of Fluxus and conceptual art.
LA Liber Amicorum
A unique artists' book of works on paper from Los Angeles's leading graffiti and tattoo artists, executed as an artistic response to the Research Institute's collections of calligraphy and writing manuals and other rare books.
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) Records
The LACE records paint a dynamic portrait of an institution central to the development of contemporary art in Los Angeles, particularly video and performance.
Man Ray Archives
A collection of datebooks, correspondence, photos, and materials related to the artist Man Ray.
Robert Mapplethorpe Archive
This donation by the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation represents the definitive research collection on the artist, including rare, early works and personal correspondence with friends John McKendry, Patti Smith, and Sam Wagstaff.
Robert McElroy Archive
Hundreds of prints from Robert McElroy include some of the best-known images of 1950s–1960s Happenings and capture the iconic and groundbreaking moments that have come to define contemporary understanding of postwar performance.
Meistermappe des Staatlichen Bauhauses, 1923
This collection of works on paper by artists teaching at the Bauhaus is an important marker of the moment when printmaking at the school reached its creative and technical zenith.
Erich Mendelsohn Collections
Several collections related to the world-renowned German architect Erich Mendelsohn that shed light on his works and professional practice in the United States.
Annette Michelson Archive
Papers of the critic, editor, and scholar document her prolific and influential engagement with avant-garde production in both contemporary art and experimental cinema.
Tania Norris Collection of Rare Botanical Books and Woodblocks
This collection offers insight into the complex historical intersections between science and art, uniquely documenting the interrelated progress of technologies in the history of medicine, pharmacology, and the color and textile industries.
Johann Joachim Prack von Asch's Liber Amicorum
The paintings, poetry, and decorative papers in this "book of friends" illustrate the vast social and political network of 16th- and 17th-century Europe and its shifting alliances with the power base of Ottoman Islam.
Rachel Rosenthal Archive
Documenting the life and career of a key figure in the development of theater, performance, and feminist art in Los Angeles, spanning several major art movements.
Louis Rousselet India Diaries and Photographs
Diaries and photo collections related to noted photographer, geographer, and archaeologist Louis Rousselet's journey to India from 1864 through 1868.
Philipp Otto Runge's Times of Day
A rare copy of Philipp Otto Runge's first-edition suite of four prints, Times of Day, which stands as a monument of German Romantic art.
Ed Ruscha's Streets of Los Angeles Archive
A valuable source of rare archival material by Ed Ruscha, one of the leading postwar art figures, that captures the city's architecture and thoroughfares.
Allan Sekula Archive
An essential resource for those interested not only in this socially committed artist, writer, and theorist but in the transformation of photography as both a medium and an art form in the postwar era.
Harry Shunk and Shunk-Kender Archive
A collection of some of the most iconic images of European and American art and exhibitions of the postwar era, as documented by photographer Harry Shunk and his partner János Kender.
Dr. Richard A. Simms Collection
One of the most important resources for the study of German art and history from the late 19th to the early 20th century, particularly the work of artist Käthe Kollwitz.
Situationist International Collection
Materials related to Asger Jorn, Guy Debord, and various figures associated with the Situationist International (SI), a historic avant-garde group active from 1957 to 1972.
Barbara T. Smith Archive
An exceptionally rich collection on an influential figure in the art of Southern California and beyond, particularly in the areas of performance art and feminist art.
Harry Smith Archive
A wide-ranging archive of artwork, film, and ephemera from this influential cult figure of the Beat generation.
Harald Szeemann Archive and Library
This archive of perhaps the most famous curator of the post-World War II era includes his correspondence with major artists and scholars and is an essential resource for the study of 20th-century art and art history.
Maurice Tuchman Archive
The papers of one of the most important curators to have worked in Los Angeles are rich in material documenting Tuchman's many LACMA exhibitions and projects, including the historic Art and Technology exhibition.
Emmett Williams Archive
The papers of the American-born poet and visual artist who played a central role in Fluxus and in the concrete poetry movement of the mid-20th century.
Paul R. Williams Archive
The papers of the most significant African American architect of the 20th century document the entirety of his career, from early residential commissions during Los Angeles's housing boom of the 1920s to landmark midcentury civic structures.
Anne Willan and Mark Cherniavsky Gastronomy Collection
An exceptional collection of rare books and prints on gastronomy from the 15th through the 19th century.
Lebbeus Woods Drawings and Sketchbook
A collection of drawings and sketches that represents a powerful critique of architecture and a radical reimagining of the urban environment.