Is the Getty Center free?

Admission is free. No ticket or reservation required.

On-site parking is $20; $15 after 3 pm. For evening events and on Saturdays, parking is $10 after 6 pm.

Parking and Transportation

Do I need a parking reservation to come to the Getty Center?

No. Parking is based on availability.

How do I pay for parking at the Getty Center?

You can pay for parking at any of the parking pay stations located by the elevators on every level of the parking structure, as well as near the tram station at the top of the hill. You can also pay at the parking office at the tram departure station on the top level of the parking structure.

All pay stations accept credit cards and many accept cash.

If I make a reservation for an event or the restaurant, do I still need to pay for parking?

Yes. Parking is $20; $15 after 3 pm. For evening events and on Saturdays, parking is $10 after 6 pm.

Is there parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the Getty Center?

No. Street parking in the neighborhoods is restricted.

I've got an oversized vehicle. Can I park at the Getty Center?

Parking is available for vehicles between 6'10" and 12'6" tall and of standard car length on level P1 of the parking structure.

There is no parking for RVs, motor homes, limousines, and other larger vehicles.

I've got an electric car. Can I plug in?

Yes. Parking with plug-ins for electric vehicles is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I ride my bicycle or motorcycle to the Getty Center?

Yes. Parking rates for motorcycles vary. Bicycles park for free.

Groups of 15 or more motorcycles require a group reservation.

What are my public transportation options?

Metro bus lines 734 and 234 stop at the Getty Center entrance, located at the intersection of Getty Center Drive and Sepulveda Boulevard.

Metro Rapid Line 734 (opens in new window) runs Monday–Friday, and Metro Local 234 (opens in new window) runs weekends, holidays, early and late weekday hours.

Get complete route information from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO): 323-GO-METRO (323-466-3876), or use the METRO Trip Planner.

Can I just be dropped off?

Yes. Passenger drop-offs are permitted from cars or vans of 15 passengers or less. For safety reasons, passengers should be dropped off in the designated area located outside of the main parking structure.

Alcoholic Beverages

Can I bring alcoholic beverages to the Getty Center?

No. But, beer and wine are available for purchase on site.

Foreign-Language Offerings

Do you have foreign-language materials or services available for visitors who do not speak English?

The GettyGuide multimedia player includes a tour of highlights of the collection at the Getty Museum in:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

GettyGuide is available free of charge at the GettyGuide Desk in the Museum Entrance Hall. You must leave a photo ID with staff at the desk.

A printed guide to the Getty Center is also available at the Information Desk in the Museum Entrance Hall in:

  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish.

A Spanish-language orientation film about the Getty is available online: El Getty - Película de Orientación (opens in YouTube).

Group Visits

Can groups visit the Getty Center?

Yes. If your group includes more than 15 people, you must make a group reservation.

We also have programs for K–12 school groups and college students.

Cell Service and Wi-Fi

Is there cell phone service at the Getty Center?

Yes. But, reception can be spotty.

If you plan to meet others at the Getty Center, we recommend that you agree on a meeting place and time before you arrive. The Tram Arrival Plaza (at the top of the hill where you’ll exit the tram) is a convenient meeting point.

Does the Getty Center have Wi-Fi?

Yes. You can connect to the free wireless network GettyLink in most galleries and at most public seating areas. Signal strength varies with location.

Photography and Video

Is photography allowed at the Getty Center?

Handheld cameras, video cameras, and camera phones are welcome in all public outdoor spaces as well as in the permanent collection galleries, subject to the following:

  • Photographs and videos are for personal use only and may not be sold.
  • Professional shoots, including wedding, engagement, maternity, and modeling, are not permitted.
  • Natural light only; no flash or other supplemental light.
  • Selfie sticks are welcome in public outdoor spaces only. To protect the art and for the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, selfie sticks are not allowed inside.
  • Tripods, monopods, handheld microphones, and other external equipment are not permitted.
  • A safe distance must be maintained from all artwork, cases, platforms, and pedestals. Cameras must be kept a minimum of 18 inches away from artwork and may never be held over an artwork.

Some works of art in the permanent galleries may be restricted; please do not photograph or videotape any work with this symbol:

No Photography Icon

Photography and video of artworks on loan for changing exhibitions are sometimes prohibited by lenders. Please check at the entrances of changing exhibitions for any restrictions in those galleries. Where permitted, photography and video are subject to the same conditions described above.

Outdoor sculptures and works of art displayed in the galleries may also be protected by copyright law.

See the full photography and video policy.


Is smoking allowed at the Getty Center?

No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere at the Getty Center or Getty Villa, including parking garages, arrival areas, and adjacent bus stops. This includes cigars, pipes, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, tobacco-related product, or any controlled substance.


Can I bring my pet to the Getty Center?

No. Pets are not allowed on the Getty Center grounds or in the parking areas.

Service animals, such as guide dogs for the blind, are permitted.

Bags, Coat Check, and Umbrellas

Can I bring large bags and luggage to the Getty Center?

Yes. But, backpacks, umbrellas, bags, purses, and packages larger than 11 x 17 x 8 inches must be checked at the Coat Check in the Museum Entrance Hall.

Please note that all bags may be subject to security inspection. Hazardous materials (e.g., pepper spray) and weapons of any kind are prohibited and cannot be checked.

Does the Getty Center really provide umbrellas for visitors?

Yes. Time outdoors is part of any visit to the Getty Center and Villa. On rainy days, or when the summer sun gets too intense, umbrellas are available for your use while visiting the site. Pick one up and drop it off from bins near the Tram station or Museum entrance.

Pokémon GO

Can I play Pokémon GO at the Getty Center?

Yes. There are 11 PokéStops and five Gyms on site. While we understand you gotta catch ‘em all, please do so with care for the safety of the art and respect for your fellow visitors. Keep the following in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep a minimum of 18 inches away from artwork.
  • Don’t stop in narrow public walkways or stairways for several minutes.
  • Don’t try to access restricted, staff-only locations.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Other Questions

My question isn't answered here. Who can I contact?

Visitor Services staff are ready to help with any questions you may have at (310) 440-7300.