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Book cover: Off the Walls

Off the Walls: Inspired Re-Creations of Iconic Artworks

A global celebration of imagination and creativity, inspired by re-creation challenges from Getty and other museums. Getty Publications will donate all profits from sales to a charity supporting art and artists.

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Imogen Cunningham book cover

Imogen Cunningham: A Retrospective
Paul Martineau

Thoroughly researched and beautifully produced, this book offers a comprehensive look at the motivations and extraordinary work of the American photographer.

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Fluxus book cover

Fluxus Means Change: Jean Brown’s Avant-Garde Archive
Marcia Reed

An exploration of the radical artists who transformed the ways art is conceived, exhibited, and collected, through the Dada, Surrealist, and Fluxus collections of Jean and Leonard Brown.

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Hollywood Arensberg book cover

Hollywood Arensberg: Avant-Garde Collecting in Midcentury L.A.
Mark Nelson, William H. Sherman, and Ellen Hoobler

An intimate look at Louise and Walter Arensberg’s groundbreaking collection of modern and pre-Columbian art, which filled nearly every space of their Los Angeles home.

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Egyptologists’ Notebooks book cover

Egyptologists’ Notebooks: The Golden Age of Nile Exploration in Words, Pictures, Plans, and Letters
Chris Naunton

A gorgeous presentation of intimate diaries and journals that captures the excitement of the golden age of Egyptology.

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Curiosity Cabinets book cover

Art and Curiosity Cabinets of the Late Renaissance: A Contribution to the History of Collecting
Julius von Schlosser
Edited by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
Translation by Jonathan Blower

For the first time, the pioneering book that launched the study of art and curiosity cabinets is available in English.

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Mira Calligraphiae book cover

Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta: A Sixteenth-Century Calligraphic Manuscript Inscribed by Georg Bocskay and Illuminated by Joris Hoefnagel
Second Edition

Lee Hendrix and Thea Vignau-Wilberg

A treasury of extraordinary beauty to inspire book lovers, graphic designers, and scholars alike.

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Visualizing Empire book cover

Visualizing Empire: Africa, Europe, and the Politics of Representation
Edited by Rebecca Peabody, Steven Nelson, and Dominic Thomas

An exploration of how an official French visual culture normalized France’s colonial project and exposed citizens and subjects to racialized ideas of life in the empire.

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amuel van Hoogstraten book cover

Samuel van Hoogstraten’s Introduction to the Academy of Painting; or, The Visible World
Samuel van Hoogstraten
Edited by Celeste Brusati
Translation by Jaap Jacobs

A unique seventeenth-century account of painting as it was practiced, taught, and discussed during a period of extraordinary artistic and intellectual ferment in the Netherlands.

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French Rococo book cover

French Rococo Ébénisterie in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Gillian Wilson and Arlen Heginbotham
Edited and with an introduction by Anne-Lise Desmas

The first comprehensive catalogue of the Getty Museum’s significant collection of French Rococo ébénisterie furniture.

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William Blake book cover

William Blake: Visionary
Edina Adam and Julian Brooks, with an essay by Matthew Hargraves

A richly illustrated, comprehensive introduction to the British artist who continues to inspire musicians, poets, performers, and visual artists worldwide.

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Mesopotamia book cover

Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins
Edited by Ariane Thomas and Timothy Potts

A rich panorama of ancient Mesopotamia, from its earliest history to its contemporary significance.

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If book cover

If… 25th-Anniversary Edition
Sarah Perry

A children’s book classic now enhanced and expanded for a new generation of readers.

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Dora Maar book cover

Finding Dora Maar: An Artist, an Address Book, a Life
Brigitte Benkemoun
Translated by Jody Gladding

Merging memoir, biography, and cultural history, this international bestseller traces the life of Dora Maar through a serendipitous encounter with the artist’s address book.

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Lectures on Art book cover

Lectures on Art: Selected Conférences from the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, 1667–1772
Edited by Christian Michel and Jacqueline Lichtenstein
Translated by Chris Miller

Available in English for the first time, an authoritative collection of the Académie’s lectures illuminates French art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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Tastemakers book cover

The Tastemakers: British Dealers and the Anglo-Gallic Interior, 1785–1865
Diana Davis

An examination of the development, role, and influence of the British decorative art dealers who invented an Anglo-Gallic style for elite interiors.

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Getty Garden cover

Robert Irwin Getty Garden: Revised Edition
Lawrence Weschler

Featuring new photography, an updated volume about one of the Getty Center’s best-known and most-loved sites.

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Assyrian Palace Sculptures book cover

Assyrian Palace Sculptures
Paul Collins, with photography by Lisa Baylis and Sandra Marshall

A visual introduction to the extraordinary sculptures that decorated palaces with depictions of warfare, rituals, mythology, and other aspects of Assyrian life.

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Medieval Polychrome Wood Sculpture book cover

The Conservation of Medieval Polychrome Wood Sculpture: History, Theory, Practice
Michele D. Marincola and Lucretia Kargère

The first English-language book to comprehensively discuss the history and methodology of conserving medieval polychrome wood sculpture.

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Mummy Portraits book cover

Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt: Emerging Research from the APPEAR Project
Edited by Marie Svoboda and Caroline Cartwright

A fascinating collection of new findings on ancient Romano-Egyptian funerary portraits.

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Special Series

Lives of the Artists series book cover

Lives of the Artists

The Lives of the Artists series offers illuminating, and sometimes intimate, accounts of major artists as viewed by their contemporaries. Each volume contains a contextualizing introduction from a modern scholar and beautiful full-page images. These books represent a diversity of opinions, perspectives, and voices that scholars, art aficionados, and even those brand new to the history of art will find informative, accessible, and unique.

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Occasional Papers series book cover

J. Paul Getty Trust Occasional Papers in Cultural Heritage Policy

The time is right for adopting a framework for the protection of cultural heritage. The J. Paul Getty Trust, prompted by the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq, is enlisting the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect to engage in an educational campaign for the protection of cultural heritage in conflict zones. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of UN Member States regarding the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its additional protocols, as well as recent resolutions by the UN Security Council. To that end, the J. Paul Getty Trust has initiated this series of papers on culture at risk.

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