At the end of the list you will find a roster of the international organizations principally responsible for these documents and links, where available, to their organizational Web sites.

The initial research for this section was undertaken for the Getty Conservation Institute by Erica Steele.

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For more information on international cultural policy and legislation, please consult the following.

Phelan, Marilyn, Gary Edson and Kimberly P. Mayfield, eds. The Law of Cultural Property and Natural Heritage: Protection, Transfer, and Access (Evanston, Ill.: Kalos Kapp Press, 1998).
This document contains reference to a limited number of national charters and conventions for the protection of cultural heritage.

Burnham, Bonnie, ed. The Protection of Cultural Property, Handbook of National Legislations. (Paris: International Council of Museums, 1974).

Saba, Hanná and Nabil G. Salamé, eds. The Protection of Movable Cultural Property, Compendium of Legislative Texts, Volumes I and II (Paris: UNESCO, 1984). Translation of Protection du patrimoine culturel mobilier.
These resources contain information on the national legislation of other countries.

The Web sites of these organizations can provide background information. The starred entries also provide many full-text versions of the cultural heritage policy documents.

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