Ed Ruscha's "Premium" Screening (1971, 16 mm, 24 mins.)


Museum Lecture Hall

The Getty Salad Garden invites you to a screening of Ed Ruscha's Premium (1971, 16 mm, 24 mins.)
Featuring Ed Ruscha and Larry Bell in conversation.

Join us for a rare screening of Ed Ruscha's short film Premium, where Ruscha and star of the film, artist Larry Bell will be in conversation.

One of only two films made by Ed Ruscha over his dynamic artistic career, Premium is a filmic translation of 1969's Crackers, one in an influential series of conceptual photography books created by Ruscha in the 1960s and 70s. Both the book and the film are based on the short story "How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers" written by Mason Williams, a musician and comedic writer for the Smothers Brothers, and a childhood friend of Ruscha's. Featuring perhaps one of the greatest appearances by salad in art history, Premium stars fellow L.A. art icon Larry Bell on a hilarious and absurd late-night adventure. Ruscha's film is an exploration of storytelling and the conventional narrative codes of Hollywood, featuring his signature deadpan humor and keen translation of the contemporary American condition.

In addition to Ruscha and Bell's brief conversation on the making of the film, assistant curator John Tain of the Getty Research Institute will give an introduction to the film and book project. Arrive early and visit the Getty Salad Garden which will be open for public viewing from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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