Archaeologists Sharon Stocker and Jack Davis of the University of Cincinnati at tomb of a Bronze Age warrior discovered in Pylos, Greece (left) and one of the many bronze weapons found in the tomb: a three-foot long slashing sword with an ivory handle covered with gold (right). Images courtesy of the University of Cincinnati, Pylos Excavations.

A Prince of Pylos: The Tomb of the Griffin Warrior



In 2015, archaeologists were astonished to find a 3,500-year-old undisturbed shaft grave near the site of the Palace of Nestor at Pylos in southwestern Greece. Excavators Shari Stocker and Jack Davis share their discovery of a Bronze Age warrior's tomb and the hundreds of luxury objects buried with him including spectacular weapons, ivory combs, seal stones, and Minoan-style gold rings, which afford unparalleled insights into art and ritual at the dawn of Mycenaean civilization.

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