The Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI) is a comprehensive, long-term, and international program of the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI). The goal of the CMAI is to advance the practice of conserving twentieth-century heritage, with a focus on modern architecture, through research and investigation, the development of practical conservation solutions, and the creation and distribution of information through training programs and publications. The CMAI works with international and local partners, including professional and organizational networks focused on modern architecture conservation, to expand the existing knowledge base. Read More

Eames House Conservation Project

A CMAI project to develop a conservation management and maintenance plan for this iconic house

Salk Institute Conservation Project

Addressing long-term care of teak window wall assemblies


A meeting of experts to advance practice in conserving modern heritage

Public Programs

Lectures and events on modern architecture

Related Materials

Materials include: publications, videos, and special collections

Image Gallery

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