Edited by Laura Matarese with Chandler McCoy and Gail Ostergren, 2019

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In this volume, six chapters cover the investigations undertaken at the Eames House by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and its consultants between 2011 and 2016 as part of the Eames House Conservation Project.

Including analysis of paint stratigraphies, pigments, and organic binders; in situ paint investigation of the exterior steelwork of the house and studio; wood panel investigation and conservation treatment; environmental assessment; geotechnical evaluation; and a landscape survey and assessment, this publication supplies technical guidance for immediate conservation needs and long-term maintenance of the house.

Numerous testing and investigation techniques were used, demonstrating the wide range of approaches to conservation that are available to others charged with maintaining a building from the modern era. A preface and introduction set the investigations in context of the overall goals of the Eames House Conservation Project and the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI).

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Matarese, Laura, Chandler McCoy, and Gail Ostergren, eds. 2019. Eames House Conservation Project: Investigations 2011 to 2016. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.