Meeting Report

Kyle Normandin and Susan Macdonald

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The Colloquium to Advance the Practice of Conserving Modern Heritage brought together professionals and practitioners to examine the current state of the field and identify areas of outstanding need in order to develop actions to advance practice in this area of conservation.

This two-day event was organized around four themes: (1) Philosophy and Approach (2) Physical Conservation Challenges (3) Education and Training (4) Identification, Assessment, and Interpretation. The Day 1 was focused on presentations of background papers prepared for each theme. Each theme was further amplified by two case studies.

On Day 2, participants were divided into working groups to identify actions that would advance each thematic area. The groups reported back with a view to developing an action plan with input from the wider groups.

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Normandin, Kyle C., and Susan Macdonald. 2013. A Colloquium to Advance the Practice of Conserving Modern Heritage: March 6–7, 2013: Meeting Report. Los Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute.