Sheridan Burke, Jyoti Somerville, Gail Ostergren, Laura Matarese, and Chandler McCoy, 2018

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The Eames House Conservation Management Plan (CMP) provides a framework for the ongoing care and management of the Eames House including decisions about its conservation. Based on a thorough assessment of the house's heritage values, the plan provides policies to assist the Eames Foundation in the long-term management of this National Historic Landmark as a house museum.

The first four chapters of this well-illustrated volume give a comprehensive history of the site; provide an analysis of its current physical layout, form, and fabric; and make a comparative analysis between the Eames House and sites that share similar key characteristics. This research serves as the foundation for an assessment of the site's heritage significance in Chapter 5 and the development of a series of detailed conservation objectives and policies to protect that significance in Chapter 6.

The final chapter details implementation priorities. Developed in accordance with international conservation planning practice, this plan is tailored to the specific needs of the Eames House and its steward, the Eames Foundation.

The Eames House Conservation Management Plan Overview, which accompanies the CMP, is a brief illustrated summary of the larger document's content. It provides readers with a snapshot of the Eames House's significance, as assessed in the CMP, and presents a selection of the policies developed to guide the conservation, interpretation, and management of the site in a manner that preserves its cultural significance for future generations.

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