Hand-drawn hologram by Tristan Duke. Photography by Joshua White/jwpictures.com

Wonders of Art and Science: A Day of Discovery


Harold M. Williams Auditorium

This is a past event

Discover how the imagination and activities of artists can contribute to scientific discovery. Artists and scientists collaborating in the Renaissance spirit of artist/inventor Leonardo da Vinci share their ideas and projects, where mosaics and paper folding meet mathematics, and much more. Presenters include members of the Optics Division of Metabolic Studio (Lauren Bon, Tristan Duke, and Richard Nielsen); Margaret Wertheim, artist and co-founder of the Institute for Figuring; stained-glass artist Debora Coombs, whose work explores geometry and light; physicist and origami artist Robert Lang, and others. Demonstrations begin at 11:30 a.m. at various locations around the Getty Center. Participants present and discuss their projects at 2:00 p.m. with celebrated author Lawrence Wechsler in the Harold M. Williams Auditorium.

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