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Anatomy and Art

Created 2022
A selected bibliography related to the Getty Research Institute exhibition Flesh and Bones: The Art of Anatomy (February 22–July 10, 2022).
Cabinet de la Bibliotheque de Sainte Genevieve, 1692 (82-B2136)

Appraisals Research Guide

Created 2006
Though the Getty cannot offer any appraisal services, this guide offers information on how to conduct your own appraisal research.
Kaufmann House, Palm Springs (detail). Richard Neutra, architect, 1946. Julius Shulman Photography Archive. The Getty Research Institute, 2004.R.10. Photo: Julius Shulman, 1947

Architecture and Design

Created 2018
An introduction to the Getty's substantial architecture and design archival holdings, secondary research materials, and online resources, including strategies for researching the built environment.
(detail) Joanie 4 Jackie 4 Ever

Archives and Resources for Feminist Research

Created 2017, updated 2018
A list of selected archives, books, and online resources related to feminist art and research at the Getty Research Institute.
Honore Fragonard, from Roger Portalis, <em>Honore Fragonard: Sa vie et son oeuvre</em>, 1889 (83-B11400)

Artists' Biographies Research Guide

Created 2006
A list of selected publications and internet resources that can be used for general biographical research.
Jacques Guillemeau, Léonard Gaultier, and Alexandre Vallée, Frontispiece to <em>Tables anatomiques . . .</em>, 1586 (detail) (84-B28033)

Artists' Signature Research Guide

Created 2006
How to research and identify artists' signatures, initials, and symbols.
David Tudor, photographer unknown, 1959 (980039)

The Art of David Tudor

Created 2001
A gateway to the David Tudor papers, containing images, audios and videos, as well as contextual essays, and a selected bibliography.
Blondell Cummings Resources

Blondell Cummings Resources

Created 2021
Selected archives, bibliographies, and pedagogical tools related to the work of choreographer and video artist Blondell Cummings (1944–2015).
Georgii Agricolae, De re metallica, 1556, p. 466 (84-B21868)

Conservation Collection

Created 2006, updated 2019
A guide to accessing the library's approximately 55,000 titles that emphasize conservation, management, and protection of cultural property from paintings to architecture.
Copyright Research Guide

Copyright Research Guide

Created 2009, updated 2016, 2020
A list of online resources containing information about determining copyright status and obtaining permission to publish copyrighted materials.
Duveen Brothers Storeroom, ca. 1920 (960015)

Duveen Brothers Resources

Created 2007, updated 2013
An overview, selected bibliography, and frequently asked questions about the Duveen Brothers archive. The Duveen Brothers firm was one of the most prominent firms of art dealers during the first half of the 20th century.
Felix Bonfils, Temple de Bacchus, ca. 1870 (92.R.84)

Early Photography in Greece and the Mediterranean

Created 1997, updated 2006
Photographs of ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture from 19th- and early 20th-century photographers, presented with an overview, bibliography, and photographers' biographies.

Erich Mendelsohn Archive

Created 2014
Images and interactive transcripts of correspondence between architect Erich Mendelsohn and his wife, Luise Mendelsohn, from 1910 to 1953.
. B. Lachm¸ller, Die grosse  ˆffentliche Maskerade, 1837 (1375-152)


Created 2000, updated 2004
An overview, bibliography, and access to extensive collections of ephemera, archival documents, and printed works made to commemorate European festivals from the 16th through the early 20th century.
Frank Lloyd Wright Resources

Frank Lloyd Wright Resources

Created March 2001, updated 2016
The Research Institute owns photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright's drawings and microfiche copies of Wright's correspondence. The original drawings and letters are housed at The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).
History of Photography in China, 1839–ca.

History of Photography in China, 1839–ca. 1911: Selected Annotated Bibliography

Created 2011
Created in conjunction with the exhibition Brush & Shutter: Early Photography in China at the J. Paul Getty Museum, February 8–May 1 2011, and the accompanying catalog of the same name.
Johannes Felbermeyer, Photograph of Konrad Roethel at the allied Central Collecting Point in Munich, 1949 (89.P.4)

Holocaust Era Research Resources

Created 2003
A guide to archives at the Getty Research Institute that bear on Holocaust-era looting and postwar dissemination of stolen art.

Johnson Publishing Company Archive Resource Guide

Created 2023
A resource of publications, selected archives, bibliographies, and information relating to the activities and history of the former publisher of Jet and Ebony magazines.
Julius Shulman's camera, 1962 (2004.R.10)

Julius Shulman Resources

Created 2005, updated 2015
An overview, selected bibliography, and frequently asked questions about the Julius Shulman archive, which contains over 260,000 negatives, vintage and modern prints, transparencies, and related printed matter.
Briquet and Pellandini, Camino del calvario en Ayotla, 1883-1895 (96.R.142)

A Nation Emerges: Sixty-five Years of Photography in Mexico

Created 2000, updated 2001
View photographs of Mexico from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, presented with an overview, chronology, photographers' biographies, glossary, bibliography, and list of related holdings.

Return to Palmyra Classroom Study Guide

Created 2021
This guide for university and high school classroom instruction, available in English and Arabic, builds on the Getty Research Institute's Return to Palmyra online experience, which narrates the history of the Syrian city of Palmyra from antiquity to the present.
Audran after Poussin, Rinaldo and Armida (detail), 1684-1690 (2001.PR.3)

Prints after Poussin

Created 2004
A searchable collection of 35 images of mid- to late-17th century reproductive prints after the work of French painter and draftsman Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665).
Paul Iribe, A. M. Chauchard (detail), 1903 (920048)

Provenance Research Resources

Created 2003
A guide to archives at the Research Institute related to provenance, the art market, and the history of collecting.
Vasily Kamensky, Tango s korovami: zhelezobetonnyia poemy (Tango with Cows: Ferro-concrete Poems), 1914 (2567-605)

Russian Avant-Garde Books

Created 2008
View 35 avant-garde books from the Research Institute's Russian modernist collections.

Sidney B. Felsen and Gemini G.E.L.

Created 2024
Resources related to photographs of the Gemini G.E.L. workshop and Los Angeles art scene from the Sidney B. Felsen archive, including recorded interviews with artists.View 35 avant-garde books from the Research Institute's Russian modernist collections.

Sketchbooks Research Guide

Created 2023
An introduction to the Getty Research Institute and Getty Museum's collections of sketchbooks, loose sketchbook folios, and albums of drawings by artists, designers, and architects from the 16th to the 21st centuries.

Stendahl Art Galleries Records: Guillermo Echániz Correspondence

Created 2022
A selection of annotated letters between Earl Stendahl and Guillermo Echániz, regarding the clandestine extraction of murals from Teotihuacan, with additional biographical notes on recurring figures who appear in the letters.
Alice Rahon and CÈsar Moro, <em>Lettre d'amour,</em> 1944. The Getty Research Institute (980029)

Surrealism in Latin America

Created 2010
An overview of selected holdings related to Surrealism in Latin America and subject bibliography.