The City of the Future: Hundred Story City in Neo-American Style, 1929, Francisco Mujica.From Francisco Mujica, History of the Skyscraper (Paris, 1929), pl. 134. The Getty Research Institute, 88-B34645

Is Los Angeles Part of Latin America?


Harold M. Williams Auditorium

As Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, the unprecedented exploration of Latin American and Latino Art in Los Angeles, draws to a close, this panel asks: How Latin American is L.A. really? The city's modern roots are Midwestern, it has U.S.-style segregation, and it has little of the pan-American feel of Miami. Gregory Rodriguez of Zócalo Public Square moderates this panel with comedian and art collector Cheech Marin, Univision anchorperson León Krauze, and The New York Times national correspondent Jennifer Medina.

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