Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs

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Beginning in 2008, the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), in partnership with two institutions in Slovakia—the Academy of Fine Art and Design (AFAD) in Bratislava, and the Slovak National Library (SNL) in Martin, organized a multi-year project Conservation of Photographs and Photograph Collections for Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe, with the aim to develop the field of photograph conservation in the region. A component of this project was the three-year course Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs.

The didactic materials below were originally developed for the Fundamentals course.

Course Calendar, Module 1 (PDF, 3pp., 152KB)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (PDF, 8pp., 102KB)


Course Calendar, Module 2 (PDF, 2pp., 144KB)


Session Outline
History of Photograph Conservation (PDF, 3pp., 267KB)

Technical Notes
What is a Photograph? (PDF, 3pp., 127KB)
What was Photography? (PDF, 7pp., 156KB)
Why Conserve Photographs? (PDF, 4pp., 131KB)

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