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This transformational research initiative focuses on the postwar art and cultural legacy of artists of African American and African diasporic heritage. The Getty Research Institute's objective is to provide a more robust and accurate history of American art, one that will have a decisive impact on the narrative of global culture.

Recognizing the extraordinary contributions that have already been made to the field, the Research Institute will partner with institutions and individuals locally and nationally on projects that support their work. These collaborations will make the archival and published record of African American art history freely accessible, both nationally and internationally, in physical and digital form.

Building on its strengths as a world leader in art history research, the Institute will document and preserve important records; build its collection of relevant archives and related collections; support scholars; generate new research; and disseminate its results through digitization, exhibitions, publications, and public programs. The Getty's extensive experience with conservation, material science, and photography will also inform this approach.

The initiative's goal is to augment efforts already underway to document the historical impact, contemporary import, and cultural legacy of works by African American artists and to enhance the visibility and enjoyment of this art.