La Promenade / Renoir

The title of this curriculum is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the art movement known as Impressionism was initially considered radical and was reviled in the art world of late-19th-century France. The materials in this curriculum are designed for elementary and secondary teachers to prompt classroom discussion and learning centered on Impressionism. Six images have been chosen for their relevancy to elementary and secondary curricular goals. They represent an example of the Academic tradition of painting at the time, examples of Impressionist styles, and an example of an artist’s work that was very influential on Impressionist painters.

These artworks can also be used individually to assist in teaching a range of lessons that connect to California Content Standards. The Image Bank provides "Questions for Teaching" and "Background Information" about each artwork. Scan the "Background Information" before using the "Questions for Teaching" to direct student observations of works of art. Lesson plans connect to visual arts, language arts, and/or history—social science content areas for both elementary and secondary students in the State of California.

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