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Poemetrie / Roth
Collections of more than 5,000 editions and unique works present the alternative ways in which artists have used the book to create innovative hybrids of word and image. Rejecting the editorial conventions of mass-produced trade books, contemporary artists' books extend the early 20th-century avant-garde modes of book production. Inventive formats play with standard book formats and present genres such as picture novels and concrete poetry to encourage new modes of reading. Artists who make books frequently work collaboratively with writers and master printers, valuing the direct communication which artists' books allow. Collections include well-known makers such as Ken Campbell, Johanna Drucker, Anselm Kiefer, Susan King, Raymond Pettibon, and Ed Ruscha, together with books by artists best known for art work in other media, such as Louise Bourgeois or Josiah McElheny. Substantial collections of works by small presses and fine printers feature the Coracle Press of Simon Cutts and Erica van Horn, Edition Jacob Samuel, Kaldewey Editions, and Dick Higgins' and Alison Knowles' Something Else Press.