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BÏF§ZF / Soffici
Italian Futurism is prominently featured in the Getty Research Institute's collections of rare books, printed manifestos, and more than a dozen archives. The foundational archive of the movement's founder and leader Filippo Tommaso Marinetti is complemented by archival collections on Umberto Boccioni, Massimo Bontempelli, Gino Soggetti, Luciano Folgore, Fortunato Depero, Angelo Rognoni, and Francesco Cangiullo, as well as Futurist women such as Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, wife of Marinetti and herself an active promoter of the movement, and Maria Ferrero Gussago. These archives contain manuscript poems (several in the form of Parole in Libertà) and theater plays, as well as correspondence, newspaper clippings, original photographs, and ephemera.