Saint Ginés de la Jara
"Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" day takes place every April. You might think this is something new, but 350 years ago parents also took their children to the "office."

Pedro Roldán was a father. He was also a successful artist in Spain who took his daughter, Luisa, to work with him. She showed a remarkable talent for carving, so Roldán taught her how to draw and make figures using clay. The more Luisa learned, the better she became at creating art. Before long, she started making her own sculptures.

As Luisa got older, she created many types of realistic, life-sized statues. She would begin by carving the figure. She then hired a painter who worked under her supervision to add color to the skin, give the face rosy cheeks, and add other touches like the rich patterns in the robe shown here. Sometimes, Luisa added glass eyes to make her statues look even more lifelike.

Luisa later moved to the royal court at Madrid and was named royal sculptor to the king of Spain. Throughout her life she received many awards for her art and eventually became more famous than her father.

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