Getty@Home Family Activities

Discover, explore, and create together using these art-related activities for kids of all ages, and parents or caregivers.

Art Making Activities for Children and Families

Spark creativity, joy, and imagination with these hands-on art projects inspired by Getty art. Ideal for children ages six to twelve.

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Embark on a Fantastic Journey

Kids and families enjoy tales of myth, magic, and mysterious monsters performed by seasoned storytellers, followed by story-inspired, art-making workshops and more.

Bake some cuneiform cookies

Eat your words! Follow our simple recipe to create your own tasty tablets and practice writing cuneiform like a scribe in ancient Mesopotamia.

Create a royal crown

Enjoy the royal treatment! Bring some regal splendor to your next celebration with a Getty-inspired crown.

Discover more about crowns through the Getty's Manuscripts collection. Then make your own crown.

Craft an artful bouquet with paper flowers

Make colorful (and useful) flowers out of pencils, markers, and construction paper.

Learn about paintings that feature flowers. Then make your own inspired floral creations.

Bake bread like an ancient Roman

Try a simple Roman bread recipe in honor of Ceres, goddess of wheat!

Learn about Ceres and making Roman bread thousands of years ago.

Make an ancient roof ornament for home

Color or cut out a palmette or gorgon antefix designed for a Greek building.

Create a cup for an ancient-style party

Sculpt and paint a cup similar to ones used in Greece.

Construct an ancient musical instrument

Craft a Greek lyre with cardboard and other at-home materials.

Draw a 3-D looking ancient temple

Sketch a classical Roman building and learn the elements of perspective.

Drawing in the design of a paper mask.

Getty Museum Expanded Classroom

Enjoy learning about art—from art history, to artists, to artmaking—through Getty videos and lessons, available on Khan Academy and the Getty blog.

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Listen to stories for kids while looking at art

Featuring the voices of animals, monsters, angels, demons, and kids. For ages six through twelve.

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Learn how an Egyptian mummy was made

The Getty’s mummy also contains a sacred bird. For older kids and adults.

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Write a haiku (a form of Japanese poetry) inspired by art

Haikus express the beauty in what we observe. For kids and adults.

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Draw a hairdo, bug, flower, or pet—or really, anything

Need inspiration and encouragement? Yes, you can draw. For kids and adults.

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Explore types of art, and art-making, and art conservation

You’ll find a range of subjects in art for all ages.

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Watch the historical techniques of art making

Learn how artists throughout the ages have applied their skills to illuminating manuscripts, weaving tapestries, blowing glassware, and making photographs.

The mummification process displaying mummy portrait