In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the family rooms at the Getty Villa Museum and Getty Center are temporarily closed, and all on-site tours programs are not currently available.
Kids view art in the galleries
Find visiting information such as food options, strollers, and restrooms for families on our Tips for Families page at the Center and the Villa. Admission and programs for families are FREE.

The tips below can help make your visit fun—and educational—for your whole family.

Find Out What's Happening:

Visit the Event Calendar
Get to Know Our Collection and Gardens:

Play GettyGames with your children.
Visit our Collection and explore works of art with your children. Use the Browse drop-down menu to find subjects you find interesting, such as animals or mythology.
Learn about our gardens at the Center and the Villa.
Read about The Elements of Art to get familiar with the vocabulary and concepts of art. These will give you ideas for guiding your children and asking and answering questions.

Talk About Museum Rules
Museums are very special places with irreplaceable treasures. To help kids appreciate the art they'll see, explain these rules, as well as the reasoning behind them.

Please don't touch the works of art or get too close. Help us protect these objects from the natural oils and dirt on our skin that can damage them and leave harmful prints. Even museum staff members wear special protective gloves when handling the art.
Remind your children never to run inside the Museum, and to always stay with an adult.
We do not allow flash photography in the galleries. The intense flash of light can fade the surface of works of art.
Please do not open food and drink in the galleries. Baby bottles are allowed, and sealed snacks in purses and bags are fine, too.
Prepare for your visit by reading a book about art to your child.
Read a Book Together
The children's section of your local library or bookstore is loaded with great books about art, artists, history, and the ancient world. Here's a few reading lists with suggestions:
Children's Books about Art and Museums (RTF, 1 p., 469KB).

Children's Books about Art and Artists at the Getty Center(RTF, 2 pp., 483KB).

Children's Books about Art at the Getty Villa and the Ancient World(RTF, 3 pp., 485KB).

Be Flexible
Let your children lead, following their interests, and be open to changing your plans if something new interests them. Also, be aware that kids (and parents) may need a break from looking at art from time to time. Mix activities up by taking a stroll in one of our gardens, visiting our family galleries, or grabbing a snack. Then, return to the galleries to see more art.