Art Together is a multi-visit initiative with area schools that includes five interactions with Getty educators, family and teacher programming, and a culminating event.

Evaluators first assessed the program in its pilot year, 2009–2010. Evaluators later assessed the program in its second year, 2010–2011. The evaluations make use of creative exercises with participants—free writing, bubble maps and a Plan-a-Tour Activity—designed to assess how well participants learned the purpose, values, and skills of navigating a museum; expanded their knowledge about art; and improved their perception of the museum as a place of fun and learning. For a control group, Art Together students were compared with students from a similar school who visited the Getty Center on a single school trip.

Download the evaluation reports:

Art Together: A Getty Museum and School Multi-Visit Program Evaluation,
2009–2010 (36pp., 698KB)

Art Together: Longitudinal Evaluation Report, 2010–2011 (22pp., 245KB)



  • Art Together students demonstrated greater expansion than the control group in their ability to address concepts about the function and importance of art museums, and increased their ability to think and write about art.
  • Art Together students demonstrated personal investment and care when planning their visit to the Getty Museum, and perceived the museum as an environment where looking at many types and styles of art was just one of the many fun things to do.
  • Interviews with parents of Art Together students demonstrated that their children talked about their museum experience with excitement, and often in great detail. Parents cited that the program heightened and strengthened their children's existing interest in art, and also increased their interest in going to an art museum.


  • The results of the longitudinal evaluation suggest that Art Together students continued to display a greater ability in some of the concepts and skills that are focused on in the Art Together curriculum than comparison students.
  • Art Together students continued to show greater competency in their ability to analyze a work of art than comparison students and showed particular strength in the area of description. They continued to show a higher ability to articulate numerous concepts about the purpose and function of art museums. They included more details about works of art and memories of experiences at the Museum.
  • At the end of the program, 63 percent of Art Together students attended the culminating event. Moreover, 36 percent of the students self-selected to return to the Museum. This finding suggests that participation in Art Together increased students' interest in art and art museums, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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