Art Together students at the Museum

Multiple-Visit Program

Art Together is a multiple-visit program created in partnership with local Title 1 elementary schools. This program brings students to the Getty Museum on consecutive visits and periodically places Getty educators in the classroom. During the sessions, students have sequential experiences in the galleries, first learning to look at and talk about works of art in the Getty's collection. In subsequent trips, participants write poetry and prose in response to the art and the Museum's gardens. Finally, students create a related artwork inspired by what they have seen at the Museum.

Art Together art activity
This initiative provides students with a rich experience and teaches them how to look at and be inspired by art, as well as how to navigate and use the Museum as a place for learning and fun.

In addition to the multiple-visit sessions, education staff conduct workshops for the schools' teachers and parents, providing them with skills to enhance their visits to the Museum. Within this program construct, the entire school participates in a multi-layered experience that seeks to welcome local visitors to the Getty Museum for an experience shared by their greater school community. This holistic approach to learning values the process of learning about art and museums both inside and outside of the classroom.

Art Together culminating celebration
The entire program culminates with a celebration at the Museum where students display their artwork, take family members and friends on tours, create hands-on art projects, and picnic with the entire school.

Art Together Evaluations

In 2010, evaluators assessed the impact of the Art Together program in its pilot year. The evaluation was designed to compare Art Together students with students from a baseline class that visited the museum one time.

In 2011, the evaluators conducted a longitudinal study of the same students to assess the long-term impacts of the Art Together program.

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