Display Cabinet Interactive
Collectors from the early 1600s used cabinets of curiosities to store and display rare and exotic objects such as medals, gems, or shells. Pique students' curiosity about a unique 17th-century cabinet known as the Augsburg Display Cabinet through an interactive, virtual representation of it. This interactive is also available at the Getty Center in the Museum's medieval and Renaissance sculpture and decorative arts galleries, next to the Display Cabinet itself.

Working online, students in grades 6–12 can open the panels, doors, and drawers of the cabinet while learning about its materials, iconography, decorative designs, structure, and sociohistorical context.

In preparation for students' use of the interactive, download A Curious Cabinet: Teacher Guide and A Curious Cabinet: Student Guide. Use the activities in the student and teacher guides to reinforce or extend student learning.

Encourage students to explore the interactive in the following ways:

Click on the numbered circles to read about the cabinet's materials, iconography, and socio-historical context. Learn more by clicking on the "Show Labels" button and the arrows beneath it.
Click and drag the curved arrows on either end of the cabinet's base to view another side of the cabinet.
Click the "Show Structure" button to open the panels and drawers.