Partners and Team Members

Team Members

   Susan Macdonald, Project Director
   Chandler McCoy, Project Manager
   Gail Ostergren, Research Specialist, Project Historian
   César Bargues Ballester, Associate Project Specialist
   Candace Wai, Project Coordinator
   Sara Galerne, Project Coordinator (2011-2018)
   Laura Matarese, Associate Project Specialist (2016-2018); Graduate Intern (2014–2015)
   Shin Maekawa, Senior Scientist, Environmental Monitoring and Climate Controls (2011–2016)
   Kyle Normandin, Project Manager (2012–2014)
   Luise Rellensmann, Graduate Intern (2012–2013)
   Ana Paula Arato Gonçalves, Graduate Intern (2011–2012)
   GCI Scientific Investigation
   Tom Learner, Senior Scientist, Paint Analysis
   Alan Phenix, Scientist, Paint Analysis
   Rachel Rivenc, Research Lab Associate, Paint Analysis
   Emily MacDonald-Korth, Project Specialist, Paint Analysis (2012–2013)
   Arlen Heginbotham, Associate Conservator, J. Paul Getty Museum, Wood Analysis and Treatment
   Joy Mazurek, Assistant Scientist, Mold Analysis
   Herant Khanjian , Assistant Scientist, Wood Coating Analysis
   Beril Bicer-Simsir, Assistant Scientist, Soil Analysis
   David Carson, Laboratory Manager, Material Testing
   GML Heritage: Conservation management plan consultant
   Escher GuneWardena Architecture: Project architect on phase I work program
   Carlberg Associates: Landscape survey and tree inventory
   Leighton Consulting: Geotechnical evaluation and topographical map
   Donald F. Dickerson Associates: Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system survey

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