Arising out of a perceived need by China's State Administration for Cultural Heritage (SACH) and the GCI's involvement with SACH, the aim of the China Principles project was to collaboratively develop national guidelines for cultural heritage conservation and management that respect and reflect Chinese traditions and approaches to conservation. The Principles are being applied at two World Heritage sites: the Mogao Grottoes in Gansu Province and the Imperial Mountain Resort at Chengde, the summer resort of the Qing emperors in Hebei Province. Read More

Development of the China Principles

National guidelines for conservation & management of cultural heritage

Revision of the China Principles

Updating and clarifying the Principles

Dissemination of the China Principles

Promoting their adoption in China

Related Research

History of conservation practice in China

Application of the China Principles
at Chengde

Conservation of traditional architecture

Training and Capacity Building

Facilitating research and learning

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Project last updated: August 2019