Issued by ICOMOS China
Approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage

Bilingual Chinese-English text

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Originally promulgated in 2000 by ICOMOS China with bilingual versions published in 2002 and 2004, the Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China were the first set of national guidelines for cultural heritage practice in China.

In 2010, after ten years of applying the Principles and awareness of international developments related to cultural heritage, ICOMOS China and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage undertook to revise and expand the thematic content with the participation of the Getty Conservation Institute. The aim of the revision was to update and clarify the Principles in light of recent thinking and practice in China and to better reflect the broad understanding that now prevails internationally as to what constitutes cultural heritage.

This 2015 bilingual version was prepared and designed by ICOMOS China with facilitation and editing of the English translation by the GCI. As was the intention in the original version of the Principles, the translation was considered important to provide English-speaking professionals who work in China and the international preservation community with access to the China Principles. In the revised version each of the forty-five Principles is followed by associated Commentary that explains and amplifies it. The Glossary has been retained and updated or corrected as needed.

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ICOMOS China. 2015. Zhongguo wen wu gu ji bao hu zhun ze = Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China. Rev. ed. Beijing Shi: Wen wu chu ban she.