Table 3, The Palace of the Soviets Project, Architect: Boris Iofan with Contributions from Y. F. Popov, A. I. Baransky, D. M. Tsitsirovich, S. A. Gelfeld, and Others, P. Mitkovitser, Sculptor, F. Chelnokov, Model Maker, Mikhail Karasik, 2006. Lithograph from Mikhail Karasik, Palace of the Soviets (Saint Petersburg, 2006), edition of 15. The Getty Research Institute, 2732-729. © Mikhail Karasik, 2006



Upcoming, December 4, 2018 - April 21, 2019

Research Institute Galleries I and II

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Monumentality evokes an aura of greatness, a sense of power and gravity that demands public recognition. As markers of history and repositories of collective memory, monuments can project multiple and sometimes contradictory meanings. Monuments might outlast their original purpose, meet their demise through violent conflict or artistic intervention, or simply become forgotten in the fabric of everyday life. This exhibition investigates various paradigms of monumentality, prompting viewers to consider why certain monuments endure and others fall.

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