European Painting 1850–1900 Gallery, J. Paul Getty Museum, 1997, Robert Polidori, chromogenic print. Courtesy of the artist in conjunction with The Lapis Press. © Robert Polidori

Robert Polidori: Synchrony and Diachrony


Museum Lecture Hall

This is a past event

On the occasion of the exhibition Robert Polidori: 20 Photographs of the Getty Museum, 1997, artist Robert Polidori will speak about his prolific career, beginning with aspects of his personal life that led him to photography. In addition to elaborating on his background in avant-garde film and his time as a staff photographer for the New Yorker, Polidori will discuss his interest in exploring human habitats and museology, his approach to photography, and his work in locations such as Versailles, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

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