Scene from the Column of Trajan (detail) depicting the Roman emperor giving a speech to his troops, dedicated in A.D. 113, Roman, marble, from casts 202-203 in the Museo della Civiltà Romana, Rome, scene 77.

Thinking Like a Roman: How to Renew America's Polarized Landscape



Can lessons from ancient Rome help resolve contemporary political struggles? While many historians are skeptical given Rome's history of conquest, slavery, and autocratic rule, classicist Joy Connolly suggests that the Roman example paves the way toward lively, civil discourse on hot-button issues. Connolly proposes that Roman thinkers, especially Cicero, can help us better understand our political values and talk with one another across personal affiliations. While the Roman republic was not a democracy, its politics offers a surprisingly useful model in a new age of polarization, truthiness, and social media.

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