Left: Bear Hunt mosaic floor (detail), A.D. 300-400, Roman. Stone. The J. Paul Getty Museum. Right: Evidence of Nike (detail), 2010, Jim Bachor. Marble & smalti.

Stone Pixels: Mosaics Then and Now



Take a closer look at Roman mosaics and the work of a contemporary artist who brings fresh perspective to this ancient art form. Archaeologist and mosaics specialist Will Wootton of King’s College London discusses the functions of mosaics as décor in Roman homes and public buildings, and the materials and techniques used in antiquity to create vibrant narratives and intricate designs. Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor then shares his personal experience making mosaic art that blends classical motifs with themes drawn from contemporary American life, and discusses the inspiration behind his unique pothole project that has received international attention. Their presentations will be followed by discussion and questions from the audience.

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