Image from Aurel Stein's book, Ruins of Desert Cathay, (1912), plate 188 "Cella and Porch of Wang Tao-Shih's Cave-Temple, 'Thousand Buddha's' Site, Tun-Huang.

The World in the Year 1000: The View from Dunhuang


Harold M. Williams Auditorium

In the year 1000, dramatic cultural and political changes were underway in major regions of the world, including East and Central Asia. At Dunhuang, this was when the Library Cave (Cave 17) was sealed. Hear from Valerie Hansen, professor of history at Yale University, what the contents of this long-sealed cave reveal.

This lecture is made possible by the generous support of Mr. Andrew Cherng and Dr. Peggy Cherng, the Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. and complements the exhibition Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China's Silk Road 

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