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Project Publications
"Charles and Ray Eames: Modern Living in a Postwar Era" by Kyle Normandin in Docomomo Journal Vol. 46, no. 1, 2012.

Articles in Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter
The Eames House: Conserving a California Icon (Spring 2013)
Conserving Modern Architecture Issue (Spring 2013)
Eames House Conservation (Spring 2012)

GCI Publications
Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage, A Bibliography. Second Edition
An extensive subject bibliography on the conservation of modern architectural materials.
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative Brochure
An overview of this comprehensive research and implementation program. (PDF, 4pp., 3MB)

Modern Architecture Playlist on YouTube
Lecture and project videos related to 20th-century architecture, its reuse, and conservation. Includes videos with Thomas Beeby, Juergen Mayer H., Rafael Moneo, Richard Rogers, and Denise Scott Brown.

TED Talk
Eames Demetrios: The Design Genius of Charles + Ray Eames

Time-Lapse Video
Charles and Ray Eames' living room makes an interim home at LACMA. The midcentury legends' untouched living room is relocated and reassembled, piece by piece, at LACMA. (Los Angeles Times article)

Other Articles and Documents
Case Study House for 1949: Designed by Charles Eames, by C. Eames. Arts and Architecture 66 (12): 26-39, 1949.
Announcement: The Case Study House Program by John Entenza. Arts and Architecture 62 (1): 37-41, 1945.
National Historic Landmark Nomination: Eames House, prepared by Historic Resources Group.

(Based on bibliography included in the NHL nomination and in Kirkham 1995)
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