Partners and Team Members

Team Members


Michal Łukomski, Head of Preventive Conservation Research, Co-Project Manager (Science)
Joel Taylor, Senior Project Specialist, Co-Project Manager (Collections)
Vincent Beltran, Assistant Scientist
Annelies Cosaert, GCI Professional Fellow
Naoki Fujisawa, Scientist
Reem Baroody, Project Associate

Kathleen Dardes, Head, Collections
Tom Learner, Head, Science

Climate-Induced Change Pilot Study

This pilot study has been made possible with help from the Decorative Arts and Sculpture Conservation Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Preparations Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum and the J. Paul Getty Trust
Facilities Department, and the UCLA/Getty Master's Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials.

Transportation Assessment

The transportation monitoring has been undertaken in close collaboration with the Preparations Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Page updated: March 2018