The Avant-Garde

The scholars for the 1989/1990 year played an important role in the development of a more comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the arts of the early twentieth century—especially those called avant-garde—by increasing our understanding of the cultures in which they flourished. The fields of interest represented included comparative literature, the history of art and architecture, musicology, psychology, and film history.

Getty Scholars

Luigi Ballerini, New York University, Literature (Futurism)

Yve-Alain Bois, Harvard University, Art History

Mary Ann Caws, City University of New York, Comparative Literature

Albrecht Dümling, Berlin, Germany, Musicology

Peter Jelavich, University of Texas at Austin, Cultural History

Anton Kaes, University of California, Berkeley, Literature/Film History

Annette Michelson, New York University, Film History

Klaus Kropfinger, University of Kassel, Germany, Musicology

Ellen Handler Spitz, New York, Psychology and Aesthetics

Nancy Troy, Northwestern University, Art History

Peg Weiss, Syracuse University, Modern Art History

Iain Boyd Whyte, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Architectural History

Visiting Scholars

David Antin, University of California, San Diego, Poetry/Performance Art

Luis Fernández-Galiano, A.V.I.S.A., Spain, Architect

Barbara Gaehtgens, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Germany, Art History (17th c.)

Peter Girth, Tonhalle, Düsseldorf, Germany, Music, Editor

John Dixon Hunt, Dumbarton Oaks, Landscape Architecture

Claude Keisch, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany, Art History

Anne-Catherine Krüger-Karczewski, Universität Hamburg, Germany, Art History

Joseph Rykwert, University of Pennsylvania, Architectural History and Theory

Robert Scheller, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands, Art History

Kenneth Silver, New York University, Art History

Zygmunt Wazbinski, Uniwersytet MikoĊ‚aja Kopernika w Toruniu, Poland, Art History

Dieter Wuttke, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Hamburg, Germany, Medieval Philology

Beat Wyss, Artemis Publishers, Switzerland, Art History

Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Stephen Barthelmess, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany, Architectural History (20th c.)

James Herbert, Yale University, Art History

Sylvia Lavin, Columbia University, Architectural History

Yvonne Spielmann, University of Hannover, Germany, Art and Film History (Avant-Garde)

Research Associates

Luisa Ciammitti, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Italy, Art History

Ákos Moranvánsky, Magyar Épitömüvészet, Hungary, Architectural History and Criticism

Fritz Neumeyer, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, Architecture