Overview of the Getty Residential Scholar and Fellow Program

The Getty Scholar programs aim to fill a need for opportunities for senior-level professionals, fellows, scholars and writers to pursue research on topics that bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to their field. While in residence, Scholars participate in the intellectual life of the Getty, making use of research collections at the Getty Center and Villa, and in the greater Los Angeles area. They also become active participants in the cultural life of the city.


Information about your grant and how it is paid.
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Scholar Housing

Information, policies, pictures, apartment layout samples and a virtual tour of the complex.
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Health Care

Health care benefits vary depending on the individual's program.
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Mail and Shipping

Where to send and receive mail at the Getty.
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Traveling to Los Angeles

Information on your travel plans to the Getty.
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Purpose of Program & Report, Travel

Information on your obligations during your residency.
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Telephone, Computer, Research

Information that will be pertinent for Scholars and Fellows at the GRI.
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Must Read Links

Important information regarding taxes and exchange visitors and their taxes and visas.
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Please click here to access the scholar and fellow questionnaire which will aid OSIP in determining your status.

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