Reception and Interpretation of the Arts

During the 1987/1988 year scholars pursued individual areas of research while also exploring the theme of reception and interpretation of works of art and cultural products. Scholars approached this theme from their personal areas of expertise, which ranged from photography through ethnomathematics.

Getty Scholars

Svetlana Alpers, University of California, Berkeley, History of Art

Marcia Ascher, Ithaca College, Ethnomathematics

Caroline Walker Bynum, Columbia University, Medieval History

Gisèle Freund, Paris, France, Photography

Wolfgang Kemp, Philipps-Universität, Germany, History of Art and Aesthetics

Martin Lowry, University of Warwick, England, Cultural and Social History

Sheldon Nodelman, University of California, San Diego, History of Art

Carl E. Schorske, Princeton University, Cultural History

Leo Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania, History of Art

Marina Warner, London, England, Novelist

Visiting Scholars

Christiane Andersson, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, History of Art

Antonio Bonet-Correa, University of Madrid, Spain, History of Art

Norman Bryson, Harvard University, History of Art

Jacqueline Burckhardt, Parkett Art Magazine, Switzerland, Editor

Jean-Louis Cohen, Ecole d'Architecture, Paris-Villemin, France, History of Architecture

Sylvia Ferino-Pagden, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome, History of Art

Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Charles Dill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Musicology

Conrad Rudolph, University of California, Riverside, History of Art and Architecture

Daniel L. Selden, University of California, Santa Cruz, Comparative Literature

Research Associate

Harry Mallgrave, Afton, Minnesota, History of Architecture