Electronic Cataloguing Initiative

The Getty's Electronic Cataloguing Initiative was launched in 1997 with the goal of assisting Los Angeles museums and cultural organizations in making information about their visual arts collections available online. Many museums at that time had recently developed Web sites, but lacked the means to provide meaningful collection information on these sites. The Getty initiative provided support for costs related to electronic cataloguing—a necessary first step toward online access of collections—as well as the creation of digital images and public access via the Web. The Getty awarded 39 electronic cataloguing grants totaling over $5 million to support projects at more than 20 local organizations, paving the way for unprecedented access to area collections, while developing replicable models and best practices for the museum field.

Details on the results of this initiative are available in the report L.A. Art Online: Learning from the Getty's Electronic Cataloguing Initiative (PDF, 3.7 MB).