Focused on the intersection of science and art, the next Pacific Standard Time (PST) opening in 2024 will be the third regional collaboration in the Getty's Pacific Standard Time series. This iteration will present an ambitious range of exhibitions and public programs that explores the connections between the visual arts and science, from prehistoric times to the present and across different cultures worldwide.

From alchemy to anatomy, and from botanical art to augmented reality, art and science have shared moments of unity, conflict, and mutual insight. The next PST theme connects these moments in the past with the most pressing issues of today. By examining such critical issues as climate change and the future of artificial intelligence, PST will create an opportunity for civic dialogue around the urgent problems of our time.

A fitting location for the new PST theme, Southern California has made vast contributions to humanity's understanding and advancement of science. Ancient tar pits in the LA basin have preserved the most complete record of late Ice Age fossils, Edwin Hubble used the telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory to demonstrate the expansion of the universe, and Hollywood technicians have pioneered countless technologies to create movie magic. PST will engage with these histories and more by including in the initiative world-renowned scientific institutions from across the region.

Getty announced a first round of research grants in early 2021. A second round of grants supporting exhibition implementation will be announced at a later date. Several additional projects are in development, including exhibition and programming partnerships, that will also be announced in coming months. Descriptions of all of the projects funded to date are available here.

For more information, please email Join the #PSTinLA conversation and follow the projects as they unfold on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Top: Page from Kitab-i viladat-i Iskandar, "The book of birth of Iskandar," 1411. Persian manuscript containing the horoscope of Timurid prince Iskandar Sultan prepared by the court astrologer. Part of the PST research project being undertaken at the San Diego Museum of Art. Wellcome Collection MS Persian 474, CC BY 4.0. Right: Var! plate image taken by Edwin Hubble in 1923 showing the first Cepheid variable star, which verified the existence of the Andromeda galaxy outside of the Milky Way, Courtesy of Carnegie Institution for Science. Part of the PST research project, Cosmologies, being undertaken at LACMA. Bottom: Angela Tiatia, Holding On, 2015 (video still). Single-channel High Definition video 16:9, colour, sound, 12 min., 12 sec. One example of the artist's work engaging with the effects of climate change in the Pacific Ocean. Part of a PST research project being undertaken at the Orange County Museum of Art. Image courtesy of the Artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney ©: Angela Tiatia

Page updated: January 2021