Partners and Team Members

Project Partners

South African National Parks (SANParks)

South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project


Rock Art Research Institute (RARI)

Institute for Professional Practice in Heritage and the Arts at the Australian National University

SARAP member countries

Project Team Members

Neville Agnew, Principal Project Specialist, project manager
David Myers, Project Specialist
Ayda Haghighatgoo, Senior Project Coordinator (2015–present)
Luann Manning, Senior Project Coordinator (2015)
Trinidad Rico, Graduate Intern (2006-2007)
Liz Werden, Graduate Intern (2007-2008)
Beverly Weisblatt, Senior Staff Assistant (2004–2015)

Janette Deacon, coordination, workshop content development, training
Claire Dean, rock art site conservation intervention training (2009)
Jo-Anne Duggan, interpretation and presentation training (2007)
Siyakha Mguni, tourist guide training (2011)
John Parkington, tourist guide training (2005)
Andrew Salamon (RARI), rock art recording (2005)
Catherine Namono (RARI), rock art recording (2006)
Pascall Taruvinga, workshop coordination, training (2005-2009)
Paul Warmeant, tourist guide training (2005, 2006)

Other Institutional Support
UNESCO World Heritage Fund: support to workshop participants for travel and other expenses (2005, 2006)

Last updated: August 2019