Project Partners and Team Members

The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)
World Monuments Fund (WMF)
Project Contributors
Flanders Heritage Agency, peer review
English Heritage, peer review, data structure, test data, community outreach
City of Los Angeles, Office of Historic Resources, peer review

Project Team Members

Susan Macdonald, Head, Field Projects, project director
Alison Dalgity, Senior Project Manager, project manager
David Myers, Senior Project Specialist
Annabel Lee Enriquez, Data Specialist
Micaela Shea, Senior Project Coordinator

Former GCI team members
Jesse Lattig, intern (2012-2013)
Joyce Azzam, intern (2011-2012)
Laura McMillen, Senior Project Coordinator (2011-2012)
Lisa Ackerman, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, project director
Yiannis Avramides, Program Associate
English Heritage
Phil Carlisle, Data Standards Supervisor

Flanders Heritage Agency
Koen van Daele, IT Specialist

Farallon Geographics, Inc., system development
Open Tech Strategies, open source issues

Last updated: November 2014