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Off the 405: Alabaster DePlume


Museum Courtyard

This is a past event

6:00 p.m.: DJ set by Jeff Parker
7:30 p.m.: Performance

Although free reservations for entry are required, if there is capacity the day of a sold out event, visitor services will allow walk-ups. We suggest arriving early to explore the gardens and galleries before the performance.

British poet and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume uses his performances to encourage his audiences, and to recognize and appreciate them for the simple, yet laudable, act of living. His songs are built on sonorous circular melodies and luminous tones that transmit calmness and generosity in warm waves—unless they’re raging against complacency and the everyday inhumanity of end-times capitalism. Most importantly, DePlume brings a valuable transparency to his work. Each concert experience is unique, shaped by his candid, vulnerable interactions with collaborating musicians and the audience. "I want to talk about why I’m doing this, and how I’m doing this," he's said. His process is people-first, not product-first, creating unique, often gem-like music.

"The guy absolutely blew my mind..." – Gilles Peterson, BBC

"..A reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be" – Laura Barton, The Guardian.

"..Warm and wise," the album is "a balm of spoken word and spiritual jazz, both strangely uncomfortable and strangely comforting."– Pitchfork, which named DePlumes’ latest release, Gold, as Best New Music Watch "I Feel Good," by Alabaster DePlume.

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