Association Auguste François. "Photographies d'Auguste François: Chine du Sud (1896–1904)."

Australian National University Library. "The Giles-Pickford Photographic Collection."
Photographs of China around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Berg, Christine, "China-Dienste: Allround-Service; Galerie eins alter China-Fotos."
Online exhibition (in German) of Christine Berg's personal collection. This collection includes about fifty early photographs of China taken from 1890 to 1910.

Bickers, Robert, ed. "Historical Photographs of China." University of Bristol, University of Lincoln, and the Institut d'Asie Orientale.

"China News Website 中华新闻网—文史综合史."
This is a large, online historic photo museum organized by subject matter. Sections include photographs by John Thomson and G. E. Morrison taken in 1894 and photographs of Yunnan Province taken by Auguste François.

"China Photography Museum 中国摄影博物馆."
Operated by the China Photographers Association, this website focuses on Chinese photographic history, Chinese photographers from the early period to the present, and photographic equipment. It also contains information about rare manuscripts and early publications and materials, including photos of Zou Boqi's manuscript (see for an image of a handwritten explanation of the principles behind the camera obscura) and his photographic devices, and images from a 1907 book, Shiyong yinxiang xue (Practical optical science); see, edited by Zhou Yaoguang.

"FOTEO Images Website FOTEO 图片网."
A collection of about seven thousand historical images organized chronologically from 1840 to 1919, as well as more than twenty thousand images from 1919 to 1949.

Hahn, Thomas H., ed. "The Bibliography of Photo-Albums and Materials Related to the History of Photography in China and Tibet before 1949."
This website, updated regularly, provides news on exhibitions, publications, archives, and conferences on photography in China. Also updated regularly is the extensive bibliography, with detailed descriptions given for each entry.

Denton, Kirk A., ed. "Modern Chinese Visual Arts Bibliographies." Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University, in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.
Includes a "Photography" section.

"The Photographs of John Thomson." National Library of Scotland.
An introduction to the work of noted photographer John Thomson, including a brief biography and summary of his career.

"Picture China 照片中国."
This site offers an online locale for sharing information and exchanging old photographs, including a general archive of images and a corner for collectors.

Tong Bingxue, ed. "China Old Photo 中国摄影博物馆暨老照片网."
Created by Tong Bingxue, a Beijing-based collector of early Chinese photographs, this website focuses on the collection of and research about vintage photographs from the late Qing to early Republican period, especially early photographic studios. It contains online exhibitions of early cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, panoramas, and photographic studio logos.

University of Washington, University Libraries, Digital Collections. "Robert Henry Chandless Photographs."