Guidelines For Contributions

  1. Scope: The Portal aggregates records for published art history texts, rare books, and related literature. Texts must be in the public domain or offered under terms of use intended to promote research and scholarship.

  2. Structure: Contributed records must be in the MARC, MODS, Dublin Core, or CSV-file format and include a title, unique identifier, and link to the digitized text.

  3. Linked Texts: Records must include one or more fully-formed hyperlinks to a high-quality, fully digitized text, freely available (e.g. not password-protected or IP-dependent), and downloadable through the contributor's website. Ideally, a full-text search should be possible.

  4. Encoding: Please ensure records are in Unicode (UTF8/UTF-8) format when exporting from catalog system.

  5. Methods of delivery: Acceptable means of transmitting contributions include, but are not limited to, e-mail attachment, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Open Archives Initiative (OAI) harvest.

To contribute records, please complete this submission form.