(Catalogs on individual photographers or sites and web-based collections are found in previous sections)

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One hundred large illustrations from Fang Lin's private collection depict mostly photographs dating from the 1860s to the 1890s, representing mostly architecture, street scenes, and landscapes in the major cities and their surroundings. The book is divided into six sections by location, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Hong Kong, and Wei Haiwei. Each photo comes with a brief caption, sometimes with the date and photographer's name. Noted photographers include A. Chan, Thomas Child, Milton Miller, and John Thomson.

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The Shanghai Library houses thousands of historical photos highlighting collections of pictures of famous people, photos with celebrities' signatures and annotations, and photos with nameplates of the photo studios. This high-quality two-volume book features about a thousand pictures from this collection, organized thematically. The first volume concentrates on landscapes, celebrities, Chinese opera, theater, cinema, and social aspects such as development of the education system, postal service, civil life, and local customs. One section is devoted to photos with signatures and annotations, providing data about makers and dates. All signatures and annotations are identified in the captions. Another section focuses on photographic studios. Volume two represents activities of historical figures, including Li Hongzhang's diplomatic activities in his later years and Tang Shaoyi in the late Qing and early Republican periods. When famous people or places are pictured, biographies or brief historical notes are given.

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The National Museum of China houses about fifty thousand photographs from the late Qing to the Republican era. Some of these photographs were inherited from the National History Museum that was established in 1912, while others are donations from personal collections or were brought from flea markets during the 1950s. Based on about five hundred photographs selected from the collection, this scholarly book is organized around six themes: the transformation of the education system; women, marriage, and family; funerals, weddings and other issues of etiquette and custom; the modern postal service and transportation system; modern business and the finance industry; and modern social security and criminal law. Each thematic section is accompanied by an essay about the broader historical context and development of each field. The third part includes photographs of Emperor Guangxi and Empress Cixi's funerals in 1909, featuring the artifacts used in the ritual and including three relevant postcards with stamps issued that year. This book reflects a great scholarly effort to utilize photographs for historical research.