While the Getty Foundation has many funding programs for scholars around the world, we also administer grants for scholars who come to work at the Getty Center on behalf of the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institute, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Getty Trust.

Getty Rothschild Fellowship
In 2016, the Getty and the Rothschild Foundation announced the creation of the Getty Rothschild Fellowship, which supported innovative scholarship in the history of art, collecting, and conservation, using the collections and resources of both institutions. For five years, the fellowship offered art historians, museum professionals, or conservators the opportunity to research and study at both the Getty in Los Angeles and Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England. The fellowship was invitation-only and administered by the Getty Foundation.

The inaugural fellow was Dr. David Saunders, a foremost expert in the area of conservation science who worked on museum and gallery lighting during the fellowship. The second fellow for 2017/18 was Dr. Thomas Campbell, the ninth director of The Museum of Metropolitan Art (2009–2017) whose research focused on the changing environment in which museums are operating and the ways art and cultural heritage can promote mutual understanding. The third fellow for 2018/19 was Dr. Tessa Murdoch, an expert in the history of decorative arts whose fellowship included study of Huguenot refugee art and culture from the Reformation to the 18th century. The fourth fellow for 2019/20 was Dr. Pascal Bertrand, a preeminent scholar of the history of tapestry whose fellowship focused on a digital project related to the 18th-century pay registers of the Beauvais tapestry manufactory. The fifth fellow is Diana Davis, an independent researcher specializing in the market for French decorative art in early 19th-century Britain and the role of the art dealer. Originally scheduled for 2020/21, this fellowship for Dr. Davis was rescheduled to 2021/22 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getty Research Institute and Getty Villa

Getty Scholar Grants are for established scholars who have attained distinction in their fields. Projects connect to an annual research theme.

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships are intended for emerging scholars who are working on projects related to an annual theme.
African American Art History Initiative Fellowships are intended for scholars working at predoctoral, postdoctoral, mid-career, and senior levels, who focus on African American art and cultural history. Grants are supported by the Getty's African American Art History Initiative (AAAHI).

Paul Revere Williams Project Fellowship: Getty has launched a major research project focusing on Williams' life and legacy. This project includes a one-year residential fellowship opportunity for emerging scholars of architecture and architectural history who would like to join the project team.

Library Research Grants provide partial, short-term support for researchers requiring the use of specific collections housed in the Getty Research Institute.
Please address inquiries to: researchgrants@getty.edu or call (310) 440-7374.

Getty Conservation Institute

Conservation Guest Scholar Grants give professionals the opportunity to pursue research at Getty on topics that bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to the field of conservation.
Please address inquiries to: gcischolars@getty.edu