Edited by Neville Agnew and Martha Demas

Bilingual Chinese-English text
2004 (2nd printing with revisions)

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Promulgated in Chinese in late 2000 by China ICOMOS with the approval of SACH, the Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China provides an integrated and methodological approach to the conservation and management of sites, in compliance with the existing legislation of the People's Republic of China. The text that follows, comprising an Introduction, the Principles, Commentary, and Glossary, is the officially approved translation and was undertaken by the GCI as part of its collaboration with SACH. It affords English-speaking professionals who work in China, as well as other national committees of ICOMOS and the international preservation community, access to the China Principles.

The Commentary explains and amplifies the Principles, and the accompanying Glossary provides a standardized translation of Chinese-English terminology. An illustrated version of the Principles is in preparation by SACH It will be clear from study of the Principles that the approach to preservation of heritage is consistent with present-day international practice while reflecting both the legal requirements of the nation and the characteristic needs of China's cultural heritage.

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